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Belgian Congo & Congo Free State
Congo Belgique & LÉtat Indépendant du Congo
(update: November 7th 2017)

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CAMCONGO, see manufacture de Tabacs....................

Cie de Chemins de fer Katanga-Dilolo-Leopoldville  

Compagnie des Chemins de fer Katanga-Dilolo-Leopoldville, en abrege "K.D.L.", siege social Elisabethville, siege administratif Bruxelles

---- action de 500 Fr, serie A (rouge), 1952, EF, nice trainvignette, prix: € 10.

---- action de 500 Fr, serie B (bleue), 1952, EF, nice trainvignette, prix: € 10.


  Cie des Chemins de fer Katanga-Dilolo-leopoldville

----- set of blue + red certificate: € 15.
----- 10 sets of blue + red certificates: € 100

Compagnie du Kasai,
Société Congolaise à resp. limité, Siège social: Dima (Banningville - Congo-Belge) / siège admin. Bruxelles; action de capital, 1955, orange border, with stamp: "AGRIDUS, entreprises agricoles, industrielles et commerciales A.G.E. du 16.12.1970 - Ann. M.B. 1971/77-9, siège social: Bruxelles", 8 by 6 cm vignette of palm plantation and factory, EF, unfolded, 23 Euro

Compagnie du Lubilash, siege social: Kisamba, Lomami, Congo Belge, part sociale,
price with rubber stamp in left corner:  Euro 16
price without rubber stamp in left corner: Euro 23
Very decorative (red) stock of culture landscape with palm trees and rising sun, shepard of cattle, ships i a harbour with porters, chests and barrels with ivory (elephant teeth0 and other merchandise.

Compagnie Générale Coloniale pour le Développement du Commerce & de l'Industrie au Congo, S.A.
Constituée en 1898; Siège Social: Bruxelles;  capital Social 7.500.000 Francs, augmenté en 1899 à 1.500.000.
Size: 32 by 42 cm; 4 vignettes, see 100 kb. picture: 1) freigh train in mountain (9 by 3,5 cm), ship in port (9 by 3,5 cm), local harbour with steam-sail ship and many local  proahs (14 by 7 cm), 2 elegant women, one western and one African, with 2 coats of arms, before a western and an African harbour (23 by 6,5 cm);Lith.: de la Cote Libre; design: Ch. Posch;
----------, 1898, blue border, Part de Fondateur au porteur; condition F: several folds (somewhat irregular and less clean), border wrinkles, minor stains and 3 cm tear in lower border, but still suitable for framing and displaying, 50 Euro.
----------, brown border, Action de Capital au porteur, condition VF: several folds and a faint stain, but a beauty to frame !, 125 Euro.

L'Ikelemba SA, established 29-10-1898, Action de dividende, issued 1898, siege social: Congo; siege administratif: Bruxelles, Capital Social 500.000 Fr., didvided in 5000 actions de capital de 100 Fr and 5000 actions de dividende (with similar certificate designs), # = 5000 + 5000, action de dividende, condition is UNC, 26 * 35 cm, exceptionally decorative and a beauty to frame ! Designed by V. de Coen; 170 Euro.
Illustrations: in the top: armour, flags and text "travail et progres"; bottom: Mercury helmet and staff and some spears; left: African womancarrying a basket with fruit on her head and a man, squatting with another basket,; right: palm tree; lower half: freight train and steam/sail ship in harbour. See lower part / see top part
The company owned an estate of 1000 hectares in the Ikelemba valley and planted rubber, cocoa and coffee. A collapse in rubber prices in 1908/9 appears to have killed the company. Facsimile signature of the Comte de la Barre d'Erquelinnes (Source: Boone, auction catalogue June 1998).

Manufacture de Tabacs et Cigarettes CamCongo, Elisabethville 1954, action de 1000 Fr, nice abstract Logo-vignette in yellow, green and red, price 23 Euro.

Plantations de Katompé au Katanga
Société Congolaise; siège social: Katompé (Katanga, Congo Belge); siège administratif: Anvers. Action sans designation de valeur, vert/rose bordre et texte, coupons attaché, EF, unfolded, 23 Euro.

Mayumbe, societe agricole, part sociale de 1927  

Société Agricole du Mayumbe, S.A.

Siège Social à Bruxelles, Mayumbe lies in former Belgian Congo.

Part Sociale sans désignation de valeur, Bruxelles, 1927;

Imp. Côte Libre, Bruxelles; 37,5 x 23,5 cm., blue print; engraving of an african worrior, not a Masai, but probably a brother tribe that lived in Congo at the time (pers. comm. W. Nieboer, nov. 2015); in underprint: a farmer ploughing with oxen and a court scene with the Justice Lady.

condition VF, coupon sheet attached by a staple in upper border, price € 25.

Société Coloniale Minière en Abrégé "COLOMINES", Societé Congolaise, established 1927 in Kule-Matundu, part sociale, 1952, as new, price 12 Euro.

Société des Mines d'Or de Kilo-Moto,
siège social: Kilo (Belgian Congo), siège administratif: Brussel, na 1944, (beautiful vignette of goldmine, bush hut, river, canoe and big boiling pan on a fire),
Read more about the interesting history of these mines, dating back to 1903 and not yet finished as these shares are still traded on the Brussels stock market, despite the fact that the company was nationalised already years ago by the Zaire government. Apparantly some investors still hope to redeem money from any future Zaire government: "a classic gold digger's dream ?"
---------- Part Beneficiaire sans designation de valeur au porteur, siège social: Kilo (Belgisch Congo),  rood / red border, 11 Euro. See picture.
---------- 5 Parts Beneficiaires sans designation de valeur au porteur,  siège administratif: Brussel, na 1944,  brown border / bruin, 16 Euro (for picture see above).

Société de l'Equateur pour le Commerce, l'Industrie & l'Agriculture SECIA, Coquilhatville (Congo Belge), 1927, share of 100 Fr, as new, price 12 Euro.

Société des Plantations de Gwese, société congolaise a responsabilite limitee, siege social Gwese (Kivu-Congo Belge), action de capital de 500 Fr (transforfee en part social en 1935), blue, price 11 Euro.

Société Internationale Forestières et Minières du Congo FORMINIERE, established in 1906 in Tshikapa, district Kasai, Belgian Congo, part sociale, price 23 Euro.

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