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Banque d'Athènes share certificate
Greek Banks

Atlas, N.V
Athene, 1962
Aandelen-certificaten met volledige aanhangende couponvellen, met een gravure van de God Atlas, die tot het einde der tijden het hemelgewelf op zijn schouders moest torsen als straf nadat hij als aanvoerder van de Titanen de strijd tegen Zeus en zijn Olympiërs verloor.
----- certificaat van 50 aandelen, groene druk, prijs € 50
----- certificaat van 5 aandelen, bruine druk, prijs € 50.
  Atlas die het hemelgewelf tost tot het einde der tijden.
klik op de gravure voor een vergroting

Anonymous Maritime Company of Naxos: share certificate  for one share from 1972

Anonymus Maritime Company of  Naxos S.A.
head ofiice: until 31-12-'74 in Athens; afterwards on Naxos (one of the Cyclade Islands);
35 by by 26 cm certificates with complete coupon sheet; EF +, unfolded, except for couponsheet; very decorative border with classic Greek ships and grapes; 20 by 15 cm underprint of large ship and classic ruins; + 2,5 by 2,5 cm map of the Isle of Naxos; 4 by 4 cm wet stamp of the map of the Isle of Naxos;
------ certificate of one share of 1000 Drachme, blue / grey, see 40 Kb picture, 35 Euro.
------ certificate of 5 shares of 1000 Drachme, red/grey, see 70 Kb picture, 35Euro.
------ certificate of  10 shares of 1000 Drachme, green / grey, similar oicture as above, 45 Euro.
------ certificate of 50 shares of 1000 Drachme, purple / grey, similar picture as above, 60 Euro.


Compagnie Générale de Tramways d'Athènes et du Piree S.A., established in 1899 in Brussels, preferred share of 100 Fr, 1907, (nicely illustrated with 2 vignettes and large underprint), condition not nice, price 22 Euro.

Kingdom of Greece / Basileion tes Ellados
6,5% loan, 1922; certificate of 1 bond of 100 Drachmes; print: Bradbury Wilkinson & Co., U.K.; blue print, 1 coupon still attached, see picture of  front and backside, The frontside shows a crowned coat of arms, flanked by 2 men with a club, probably Hercules. The backside shows a 6 by 4 cm statue of Nike, the goddess of Victory (daughter of Styx, who was a daughter of the Titan Oceanus). The famous American sport shoe company NIKE, was named after this goddess; The statue depicted on the back is a replica of the famous sculpture of Nike made in 421 B.C. by the Greek sculptor Paionios. As can be seen on this photograph, the original sculpture is badly damaged, but the (very small) replica that is depicted on this bond can be seen in the right lower corner of the photo. The goddess is landing on a triangular pillar: the rucks of her cloths suggest the speed with which she lands. (source: Zadoks, 1954, p. 65), condition VF-EF, 25 Euro.

Olympias, S.A. des enterprises forestières, siège Salonique, Thessaloniki, 20-9-1935, price 35 Euro; Beautiful, very large (half the stock area) vignette in green and black of man cutting a log in the wood; beautiful blue border with ornaments around the letters; nice to frame. See picture

S.A. de Vins et Alcools "Georges A. Issaias, Megaris, Athens, established January 1st 1918,
Cap. Social  8 million Drachmes: 80.000 shares of 100 Dr., Athens, November 8th 1924; similar illustrations as above, see picture, 20 by 25 cms large, blankette, F: 2 large cuts in right lower half, but still nice for framing. Large cancellation signature in pink ink through the middle, 75 Euro.

Samos Electric Company (The), Athens, 26-3-1928, COPY of a certificate of 25 shares to bearer, copied on 200 g paper. The original share was, according to a filled in stamp from 1951, in the name of Mr. Dimitrios, a retired professor; This inscription of the owner was signed by the company director, the very rich mr. Emanuel Negris. Brown border on ocre with black lettering. The map has brown lettering on yellow.  # = < 2000 of this type as the Capital consists of  50.000 shares of 100 Drachmes. The price of this COPY (!) is 12 Euro.
The original of this copy is belongs to mr. Michael Stavrinos, collector, of Samos.
It depicts a complete map of the Greek isle of Samos, a few miles off the Turkish coast and the most southern island of the North-East Aegeic Isles. The map has the Greek written names of many towns and villages and depicts rivers and indicates monastries. Also a drawing of an electricity pole with a lamp and several stamps for taxes and other purposes. See 118 kb picture.
Samos is an Island loved by nature loving tourists and artists, among whom Max Stokvis and was already called "flower island" by the Romans, due to its many flowers and prevailing flower odours.

Tourinvest S.A.
Herakleion, Kreta (Heraclion, Crete), Greece, 1990; certificate of 100 shares in a capital of 15.000 shares of 10.000 Drachme, # = only 150 !; EF. unfolded, complete coupon sheet attached; 35 Euro.

Tourist Company of Lesbos, seated in Mitilini, Lesbos, Greece, 1956
Touristiki Etairi Lesbou, hedra: Mitilini, Lesbos, Hellas, 1956
32 by 20 cm share certificate + coupon sheet, EF+, only one fold at coupon sheet; beautiful and detailed 9 by 7 cm picture of the map of the Isle of Lesbos + head and tail of a classic coin;
----- certificate of 10 shares, green, 50 Euro
----- certificate of 20 shares, dark green / yellow, 50 Euro.
----- certificate of 50 shares, red / yellow, 50 Euro.

See page on explanations, sales conditions, costs of shipping and on how to order and to pay.

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