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Female beauty: graceful women, USA

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Amerada Hess Corp.
USA, 6,75% bond due 1996, 1971, $ 10.000, red,  price: 43 Euro.
Vignette: elegant woman holding a Caduceus, a globe, chemical plant, gas station with gas truck and a ship.

Basic Resources International (Bahamas) Ltd. share engraving of beautiful woman

Basic Resources International (Bahamas) Ltd
green, 1985, certificate of x shares,price: 12 Euro.
Vignette: beautiful lady running with river and woods in the background,

Builders Investment Group share engraving of beautiful woman

Builders Investment Group,
Florida, 1970th ,
----------- ocre, warrant to purchase x shares, vignette: beautiful woman sitting in front of skyscrapers and landscape, punched character cancellation and number stamp, 15 Euro

Circle Income Shares, Inc;
blue border, Indiana 1973, x shares, blue vignette of graceful lady, holding globe in front of city and road junction, large "cancelled" stamp, staple holes in left upper border, AB&C Co., 23 Euro

Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.(= CBS),
state of New York, 1970, orange border, 100 shares,  price: 23 Euro.
Vignette (large and unusually positioned in left corner): a lady in evening dress, condition VF, but in left border a small hole and 2 small tears from staples and further several tiny staple holes.

Community Computer Corporation
1979, certificate of odd shares; established in 1967; blue border; print: Federated Banknote Company; signed in facsimile by  president E.L.Philips, issued in the name of Cede  & Co..; ca. 8 by 6 cm. engraving of elegant lady before a main frame computer, holding punched tape; figure "200" unfortunately printed over her fore head; EF, unfolded, no staple traces, price 15 Euro.

Eurofund, Inc., Maryland, USA, 1969,
---------- blue border, x shares, vignnette of graceful lady with world map and heaven with stars, punched characters, hole cancelled, unfolded, small pen trace in upper border, 50 Euro.
---------- red border, vignette: lady running and swinging her arms before world map, red overprint "name changed to Eurofund International Inc.", 23 Euro.
---------- same, but without overprint, 23 Euro.

Grand Union Company (The)
This food retailing company was established in 1928 under Delaware law. The company went broke early 2001 and was taken over by the Dutch multinational AHOLD. Ahold's daughter Stop & Shop in massachusets took over 36 stores and 8 locations; Ahold daughter Tops Markets in New York State took over 20 stores.
---------- Vignette:  graceful lady in front of moving belt with food products and in the background a farm with grain sheaves
--------------------red border, 1970ies, x shares, one in the name of the company and with an accompanying letter of  a bank informing the company to transfer these shares to a number of employees in order to accomodate their option rights to company shares., VF, f 50 = 23 Euro.
--------------------blue border, 100 shares, 1960ies, VF, unfolded, 34 Euro.
--------------------green border, x shares, 1960ies, VF, 23 Euro.

Heizer Corporation
Incorporated under Delaware law in 1968; x shares, 1980ies, blue borders; 7 by 6 cm vignette of an elegant woman sowing seeds in a field in front of a city skyline, symbolic for this (first public traded) venture capital firm. Read it's history, about mr. Edgar F. Heizer jr. (his facsimile signature as chairman is on the certificates) and about the Heizer Award. EF, unfolded, 15 Euro. 
The girl on the engraving is the same as on the stock of Jantzen Inc., but with different setting.

ITT Financial Corporation
Incorporated in Delaware in 1974; 10,000 $ bond in a 10,5% Senior Debenditure due October 1995; purple border; print ABNC; 9 by 6 cm. engraving of an elegant woman with globe before a city and country scene; = same engraving as on: University Computing Company, price 25 Euro.

Jantzen Inc.
The company makes bath and leasure wear, which reflected  by the illustrations on the stock: a 6 cm. picture of a diving girl and a woman and man on the beach; The 9 by 6,5 cm. engraving of the woman with flowers is similar to that on the Shaklee Corp stock, but in different setting.
incorporated under Nevada law, print: Jefries Banknote Co.;

---------- blue, < 100 shares, 1972, in the name of Dorothy C Parr cust under law of Oreg for Susan Lynn Parr a minor; VF: one middle fold, hole cancelled, staple hole traces, 45 Euro.

---------- red, 100 shares, 1969, in the name of Dean Witter & Co. Incorporated, EF: unfolded, no staple  traces, but one cancellation hole through the diver's head, 45 Euro.

The Lazard Fund, Inc., Maryland, 1967, blue border and vignette of: graceful lady with one bare leg, holding globe before high rise buildings, punched characters, 23 euro.

Northwestern Mutual Life Mortgage and Realty Investors, 1971, > 100 shares, rose border, vignette of elegant lady in front of town house and sky scrapers; 3 Euro.

Northwest Pipeline Corp., Delaware, 9,5 % debenditure, due 1998, issued in 1978, orange, 23 Euro
Vignette: elegant lady, running in the sky and swaying her arms, 3 nuclear circles around her.

Pan Am Corporation, domestic share certificate, 1989 and 1990-ies, blue x shares, 11 Euro.
Vignette: well known ABNC vignette of lady, running, in the skye, sswinginging her arms and waving hair.

Revenue Properties Company Limited, certificate of x non-voting shares, 1981, brown border, vignette: elegant lady in front of city and countryside, holding a globe, some staple traces and hole cancellation, 23 Euro

shaklee Corporation share with engraving of beautiful woman

Shaklee Corp., California,
a health food company,
Vignette: fair blond girl, sitting in the grass under a tree with a bunch of flowers in one hand and a straw hat in the other, See picture : the same as the Jantzen Inc.engraving, but in a different setting, now under a tree.
---------- blue, certificate of 100 sh., 1977, price: 11 Euro.
---------- green 1975, certificate of < 100 sh., 23 Euro.

Sohio/BP Trans Alaska Pipeline Finance Inc., 8 5/8% loan; purple, 1975, 23 Euro.
Vignette: elegant lady, running in the mountains.

Studebaker-Worthington, Inc,
vignette: elegant lady in front of globe and factory, holding a caduceus (Mercure staff),
---------- 100 shares $5 cumprefs, red 1975, 16 Euro.
---------- 100 shares, common stock, 1975, 16 Euro.
---------- 100 shares $1,40 cumprefs, 971, (figures written on upper border) , price5 Euro.
---------- < 100 shares common stock, 1975, blue, 16 Euro.
---------- > 100 shares common stock, 1976, olive, fold in right hand corner, 11 Euro.

Transcontinental Investing Corporation,
laws of Delaware, 1970, 100 shares, purple border, vignette: graceful lady with globe, surrounded by electron circles, unfolded, minor staple holes;
-----with black ink stains in lower left corner, 23 Euro .
----- without stains, 34 Euro

University Computing Company
under Delaware law; 7,25% convertible subordinate debenditure, due 1995; 1974 bond of 1000 $, red overprint:"name changed to Wyly Corporation; olive border; 6 by 9 cm. engraving of elegant woman, holding globe, before countryside view and city skyline.= same engraving as on ITT Financial Corporation; EF, unfolded, no staple traces, price 50 Euro.

The Value Line Development Capital Corporation, State of new York, 100 shares, green border, 1968, vignette: graceful lady, one leg uncovered, holding Company Logo in front of sky with Galaxy, print: Security-Columbian Banknote Company., 2 minor staple traces in top of vignette, 34 Euro.

Western Union Telegraph Co. share engraving of beautiful woman

Western Union Corp.,
USA ,ca. 1960th and 1970th
vigntte of elegant woman in front of city skyline
---------- red 1970, 100 shares, price 23euro
----------  blue 1968, < 100 shares, 23euro
---------- red. 1969, 100 shares, 23 euro


Wisconsin Telephone Company,
---------- green, 8% loan, 1977, 5 by 6 cm. engraving of a woman standing, with wind through her hair, using a telephone in a booth, print: ABNC, price 25 Euro.
---------- blue,  1974, 40 year debenditure, 8%, due 2014, same engraving as above; condition  F: 4 bij 2 cm ugly sellotape repair in upper border, not near engraving, price 10 Euro.
---------- brownn, 7 ¼ % loan, 1976, brown, 5 by 6 cm engraving of a women seated, making a telephone call, print: Federated Banknote Company, price 15 Euro.

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