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Compagnie Impériale des Chemins de Fer Éthiopiens
established in 1896; Action de 500 Francs, Paris, 1899; size: 32 by 42 cm.; 23 by 15 cm engraving by the famous military painter and illustrator Louis Charles Bombled (1862-1927) of  the Ethiopian emperor Menelik II  awaiting an oncoming train on his horse, accompanied by merchants with camels. Imprimerie Chaise, Paris; coupons on the back, condition EF: unfolded, price 135 Euro.
The Swiss engineer Alfred Ilg, minister under emperor Menelik II, convinced him to build this railway from the coast inland bound, ca. 78 km. over mountans 2.424 m. high. It was a small size track from Djibouti, along Harare, Antotto and Kaffa to the White Nile and Addis Abeba. The money was raised in France that had a strategic interest in the area after the Abessinian war with Italy. The track was completed in 1917, one year aftter the death of  Alfred Ilg. (source: Benecke & Rehse, 2004).

Nederland / The Netherlands

Bredasche Manege, aandeel uit 1911  

Bredasche Manège, N.V.
Gev. te Breda,

24-1-1911, Aandeel f 50 in kapitaal van f 5.000 (oplage dus slechts100);

afm. 18 x 26 cm, rode sierrand en afbeelding van paardehoofd en hoefijzer,

Druk: H. Engelbrecht, Breda.

prachtig om in te lijsten !

conditie VF+, ongevouwen, geen randgebreken, prijs € 250.


Brandywine Sports Onc., aandelencertificaat uit 1981
Brandywine Sports, Inc.
a harness track company from Delaware, USA; (renbaan voor sulkies); certificate for odd shares, blue border and 10 by 5 cm engraving of harness track horse and rider, 1981, in the name of George W. Wyckoff, from Pittsburg PA,  condition VF+: unfolded, several tiny staple traces, price 75 Euro.


Colt logo: stijgerend wit paard

"Abe Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal". This post-Civil War slogan refers to the inventor of the revolving fire arms, Sam Colt, who patented his invention in 1836. Ever since, about 30 million Colt weapons have been produced giving the inventor both fame and a fortune. Read more about the history !

Colt's Patent Fire Arms manufacturing Company:
certificate of odd shares, 1948, green border, in the name of Harris, Upham & Co, with overprint in red: "The name of this company has been changed to Colt's Manufacturing Company, ABNC print, a few minor staple needle holes; above the engraving a red stamp "exactly 50 shares", price 125 Euro.

San Juan Racing Association, Inc
Incorporated under laws of the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, established in 1954; certificate of < 100 shares, 1972; transferable in New York and Jersey City, USA; 9 by 5 cm engravingof a seated man and a jockey on a racing horse; orange border; print: Security-Columbian Banknote Co.; price 50 Euro.

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You are here: home - scripophily - search by illustration- horse illustrations

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