Argo, schip van Jason en de Argonauten, op zoek naar het Gulden Vlies

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Anonymus Maritime Company of  Naxos S.A.
head ofiice: until 31-12-'74 in Athens; afterwards on Naxos (one of the Cyclade Islands);
35 by by 26 cm certificates with complete coupon sheet; EF +, unfolded, except for couponsheet; very decorative border with classic Greek ships and grapes; 20 by 15 cm underprint of large ship and classic ruins; + 2,5 by 2,5 cm map of the Isle of Naxos; 4 by 4 cm wet stamp of the map of the Isle of Naxos;
------ certificate of one share of 1000 Drachme, blue / grey, see picture, 35 Euro.
------ certificate of 5 shares of 1000 Drachme, red/grey, see picture, 35Euro.
------ certificate of  10 shares of 1000 Drachme, green / grey, similar oicture as above, 45 Euro.
------ certificate of 50 shares of 1000 Drachme, purple / grey, similar picture as above, 60 Euro.

Hollandsch-Engelsche Duik- en Bergingsmaatschappij (AngloDutch diving and salvage company)
gev. te Amsterdam, opger. 22-2-1938; Bewijs van aandeel aan toonder groot f 100, Amsterdam 3-3-1938; afm. 21 bij 30 cm. blauwe sierrand op groen veld met in de onderdruk een fraai zeilschip uit ca. 1700 met volle zeilen, ; druk: M.J. Portielje, Amsterdam; voll. couponblad, ZELDZAAM !, conditie VF: 2 vouwen en rechts boven kleine roestsporen; prijs 495 €.
English: sub share of 100 Guilders; blue on green paper; The company was formed in 1938, expecting to work with German interests, but the start of WW2 made this difficult, and the company had to look for new business; It gained a "VIGO contract". The underprint of an early ship suggests this was the salvage of a galleon wrecked near Vigo, at the north west corner of Spain. The prospects of salvage at Vigo have brought various expeditions in the past. It seems likely that potentially valuable wrecks date from 1702, when there was a great battle in Vigo harbour. A joint Anglo-Dutch force attacked a rich Spanish treasure fleet, and, although the fleet was protected by a Franco Spanish fleet of about 30 ships, and by forts on land, the Anglo Dutch victory was absolute. The victors recovered silver to the value of about 14.000 Pounds, but a far larger sum - perhaps 3.000.000 Pounds - had already been removed. However, a number of Spanish ships were sunk, and perhaps they held treasure also.


Argonaut Mill & Mining Co.
Incorporated, june 18th 1879 in San Francisco;Capital stock 2 million $ (20.000 shares of 100$); certificate nr 129 (in blue figures) of x = 100 shares, dated January 7th 1880, in the name of John Sproston Jr., who endorsed the certificate on the back in order to have it registered in the companies book after handing over this certificate.Small size (10 by 24 cm) and on pink paper. Original signatures of secretary (Fields ?) and director (Davenput ?); Litography by Britton & Rey S.F.; Above the lower border it reads Eldorado Co., Cal.;
Price: 250 Euro.
See this certificate and it's Beautiful 6 by 4 cm vignette of the mythological ship the ARGO, the famous and heroic crew of which were called the ARGNAUTS. See the story of this famous journey led by Iason, who went out to get the Golden Fleece, and also have a look at a map of their journey.   Now, the videorelease can be hired of the beautiful 1999 film (172 minutes !) "Jason and the Argonauts".  It covers only half the journey described here, but is an adventure film worth seeing !
Adventurers who went to California in search of gold soon after its discovery there in 1848, were called Argonauts, so I take it that the Argonaut Mill and Mining Co. was a gold mining and processing company.
Argo, schip der Argonauten o.l.v. Jason

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