Amsterdam-Tapanoeli Rubber Cultuur maatschappij, N.V.

Established April 5th 1910. Purpose is the exploitation of grounds for cultivation and marketing of agrarical products, mainly Rubber and Coffee. It brought in: long lease parcel Si Gala Gala in Tapanoeli, at Sumatra's west coast. Later acquirements were the neigbouring parcels Si Penteh, Aek Botik and Boekit Si Penteh, making the total area 1353 hectares. In 1917 were acquired the stocks of Cultuur Maatschappij "Marantjar" and the belonging long leases "Loeboek Raya" and "Angkola", which were sold in 1932. In 1925 they acquired all stocks in Hollandsche Tapanoeli Cultuur Maatschappij, containing the company "Pandoeroengang"
During the war the company was in the hands of the uprising population and only in 1949 again reachable and brought back into operation.. Since the 1st of July 1951, the bookkeeping is carried out in unison with 5 other companies in Tapanoeli, the costs of which were shared.

Capital: f 2.000.000, f 900.000 of which were placed in shares of f 400 (thus 2.250 shares)
besides there were 5.000 winstaandelen (profit shares)

f 600.000 in shares of f 1000 (thus 600 shares) were issued at 104% in amsterdam in 1910.
In 1924 another f 164.000 (thus 164 shares) were issued.
In 1925 another f 78.000) (thus 78 shares), both against the convertible loans of 1917.
In 1925 another f 308.000 (thus 308 shares) and later
in 1925 again another f 150.000 (thus 150 shares)
By then 1300 shares of f 1000 were issued.
In 1937 the nominal value of the shares was reduced to 40% = f 400. bringing the capital down to f 520.000.
The old shares could be exchanged for the new ones of f 400 from April 3rd 1937 onward.
In 1937 380.000 shares of f 400 were issued from january 26th onward, bringing the total capital placed to f 900.000: 2.250 shares of f 400.

From the f 900.000 (2.250 shares), f 11.200 was bought in in 1956 for 20% (=28 shares).

Source: van Oss Effectenboek binneland, 1954 and 1964 (listings of stocks traded at the Amsterdam stock exchange).

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