Linkungan Borneo Rubber Maatschappij

Establishe on April 16th 1910 in Amsterdam. Purpose: acquiring and exploiting agricultural and mining companies on Borneo or elsewhere. Brought in were possessions on Borneo and the concession Linkungan (2000 hectares) which was bought from the British North Borneo Co.

2400 founder shares (Oprichtersaandelen) were issued in 1910

Originally were placed 1200 shares A of 1000 and 30 shares B of f 1000.
In 1953 85% of the value was written off., thus with a rest nominal value of f 150.
In 1953 the Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappij took f 180.000 in Cumul. Fref. Shares as payment of debts to her.

In 1963 the company announced it was willing to buy up the shares A at 82% and the shares B at 8,25%. For the founder shares f 4 was offered

Source: van Oss Effectenboek, Binnenland 1964.