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Ordering information / Bestelinformatie

Tabaksindustrie v/h/ Gebr. Philips (Engl.: Tobacco Industry  Philips Brothers)
Maastricht, Holland; established in 1817; invoice from 1951, 22by 29 cm.; yellow 15 c tax stamp; 16 by 5 cm picture of the factory; 2 archive holes; price: 75 Euro;
History:  The Philips family, world famous through the Philips Electronics Company, descended from Frederic Philips who came from Germany to Holland. Frederik Philips was a tobacco trader in Veenendaal. His son Benjamin went to live in Zaltbommel  and married in 1790. His tobacco business  went very well, especially when, during the Napoleontic Wars, import of American Tobacco became impossible through the British blockades, and Dutch grown tobacco was used. The sons of Benjamin also worked in the tobacco trade, in Offenbach and Achen (Germany), in Luik (Belgium) and in Maastricht (The Netherlands), where this invoice stems from.. Benjamin's son Lion stayed in Zaltbommel, where he married an aunt of the (in)famous Karl Marx, who stayed with them occasionally. Lion's 4th son, Frederik took over the tobacco trade and cigar factory from his father, but later he established with his son Gerard the now world famous Philips Electronics Company. Source: Lakeman (1991).


Jan Perey te Venlo, brief uit 1920

Jan Perey
Naam-, geaf- en reclameplatenfabriek, glasetserij, zandstraalinrichting, grafplaten. letters, lichtreclame.
Venlo, 1920, handgeschreven brief, Prijs € 15

Tricotagefabrieken v/h Frans Beeren & Zonen NV
Weert (N.Br.), nota uit 1937 voor blouses en Poloshirts. Afbeelding (17 bij 4 cm.) van het fabriekscomplex over hele breedte met treinen en auto's met datum 1920 op de voorgevel. 2 archiefgaten, 45 Euro.
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After World War II, the company produced nylon stockings. But soon it went broke.  Willy-nilly this was to have a marked influence on Dutch pension fund laws: as the company's pension fund had invested an important part of its money in the company itself, it could subsequently not meet its obligations to the pensioners. As a direct consequence of this, a new Dutch law was created: the "Pensioen- en Spaarfondsenwet", which stipulates that pension funds may only invest 5% of their assets in their own company, the exception being that more is allowed if the pension fund has an ample reserve surplus cover. (Source: J. de Jonge, Doorn, NL).
Jack Beeren emigrated in 1950 to the USA, where he founded a textile company in South Carolina, called "Klernits". He died in 2000 at the age of 95. "Klernits" is now the company that makes Polo Shirts for Ralph Laueren. (Source: David Dunn, San Francisco, USA, descendant of Jack Beeren)


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