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Nederland / The Netherlands


DRAKA personeelsobligaties met vuurspuwende draak  

Hollandsche Draad en Kabelfabriek DRAKA
gev. te Amsterdam

Winstdelende obligaties op naam met klein vignet van vuurspuwende draak, afm. 14 x 24,5 cm. , met aanhangend blad met voorwaarden en bepalingen en overschrijvingen op andere eigenaar-namen.

- 5% winstdelende obligatie van f 25, Amsterdm, 1943, 1959, 1960 en 1961, prijs € 15 / stuk.
- idem, maar met opdruk GEBLOKKERD in grote rode letters, Amsterdam 1949 en 1950, prijs € 20 / stuk.

- 5% winstdelende obligatie van f 100, Amsterdam, 1942, prijs € 15.
- idem maar met opdruk GEBLOKKEERD in grote rode letter en bovenin een rood stempel: GEDEBLOKKEERD, Amsterdam 1966, prijs € 25.

Draka werd in 1910 opgericht onder de naam Hollandsche Draad en Kabelfabrieken.
In 1970 werd het onderdeel van Philips onder de naam Draka Kabel.
In 1986 werd het weer afgesplitst van Philips en ging men zelfstandig verder onder de naam Draka Holding.
(Andere delen werden door Philips verkocht aan Solvay en bestaan nog steeds onder de namen Alkor Draka en Draka Interfoam (nu onderdeel van het Britse bedrijf Vita)
In 2011 werd Draka Holding overgenomen door de Italiaans kabelfabriek Prysmian en ontstond zo de Prysmian Group, genoteerd aan de beurs van Milaan.
Anno 2017 heeft Prysmian Group In Nederland vestigingen, in Amsterdam, Emmen, Nieuw-Bergen, Eindhoven en haar Benelux hoofdkantoor in Delft.
(Bron: Wikipedia, d.d. 30-1-2017)

  Draka kabelrollen

De DRAKA-fabrieken in Amsterdam-Noord waren gelegen op een ca. 4 ha. groot industrie-terrein aan de noordelijke IJ-oevers, schuin tegenover het Centraal Station. In 2016 zijn de produktie-werkzaamheden verhuisd naar Emmen. Nu (anno 2017) is het een van de meest felbegeerde stukken grond in de stad, waar wel 1400 huizen zouden kunnen komen (bron: Eva Rooijers in Het Finnancieel Dagblad, 30-1-2017, p 11). Het terrein werd anno 1930 al afgebeeld op hun briefpapier, later ook in bv. 1946 en 1954. Die laatste laat al weer een uitbreiding zien t.o.v. een luchtfoto uit ca. 1950 ten behoeve van een artikel in het Nederlandsch Economisch Cultureel Archief.

Nixdorf Computer,
----------  Inhaber-Optionsschein für 1 aktie, blau, Paderborn, Germany, Januar 1987, see picture below, UNC, price  23 Euro
-----------Inhaber-Optionsschein für 4 aktien, grün, Paderborn, Germany, Januar 1987, see picture, UNC, price  9 Euro.

Toshiba Tungaloy Co. Ltd, 1 optionsschein, (braun), Kawasaki, November 1989, price 25 Euro.

Abacus Fund, Inc.
under Delaware law; 1960's; Certificate of 100 shares, ABNC print, orange border; 11 by 5 cm engraving  of 2 men next to an abacus (counting frame; NL.: telraam), used in ancient China and the classical world in Europe. It is still in use in parts of Asia (source: E.N.S.I.E., 1952, X, p. 3); price 25 Euro.


Atari share certificate  

Atari Corporation

Certificate of odd shares (500) in the name of Warren A. Gordon, Nevada (USA), 1996.

Condition VF: various faint vertical folds, tiny staple traces.

Price: € 50

politically incorrect joke

computer for girls

the iRon can be integrated into the home network with the iWash, iCook and iClean. ……

CISCO Systems:
ABN AMRO Bank, gev. te Amsterdam; Euro 5.000 Reverse Exchangeable Securities due April 2002, exchangeable for ordinary shares of CISCO Systems, rare SPECIMEN from the archives of the famous Dutch printer De Bussy Ellerman Harms (in Haarlem), measuring 21 by 30 cm; issued in Amsterdam, year 2000; condition UNC (print fresh), price 50 €.

Community Computer Corporation
1979, certificate of odd shares; established in 1967; blue border; print: Federated Banknote Company; signed in facsimile by  president E.L.Philips, issued in the name of Cede  & Co..; ca. 8 by 6 cm. engraving of elegant lady before a main frame computer, holding punched tape; figure "200" unfortunately printed over her fore head; EF, unfolded, no staple traces, price 15 Euro.

Comptometer Corporation
under Illinois law; print: ABNC, 1960's; ca. 5 by 11 cm. engraving of God Mercury and a goddess,  a factory and calculating machine;
---------- certificate of 100 shares, purple border; VF+; price 50 Euro.
---------- certificate of < 100 shares, green border, VF+, price 50 Euro.

Computer Applications Incorporated, 100 shares, green, 1966, Delaware law, ca. 11 by 6 cm. vignette: woman with long paper sheets in front of 2 globes and a city with train and skyscrapers, print: Security Columbian Banknote Co., VF: many staple traces and several small stains, price Euro 45.

Foremost-McKesson, Inc.
Incorporated unde Maryland law; Certificate of 100 shares, 1967, olive-green border, with 15 by 6 cm. engraving of the God Mercury (Gr.: Hermes), the messenger of the Gods and God of the trade, flying in orbit around the globe. condition VF+: unfolded, hole cancelled, price 50 €.
Some history (source: Bob Kerstein):
The company was the result of a merger, in 1967, of the nation wide dairy distributor Foresmost and McKesson & Robbins. In 1984 the name was changed into McKesson Corporation. After the merger Foremost-McKesson became the largest U.S. distributor of drugs, alcoholic beverages and chemicals, the largest supplier of  milk-based products and it became also the largest producer of processed water in the western half of the U.S. Throughout the 1980s they divested most of their peripheral businesses and began the process of  refocussing on its core healthcare supply management businesses. Today McKesson Corporation is the world's leading supply management and health care information technology company, with roots in health related products going back as far as 1833.

(The) International Business Machine Corporation
Incorporated under New York State law; vignette: world map and universe with god Mercury;
---------- < 100 shares, blue border, 1982, EF, unfolded, 35 Euro.
---------- 100 shares, brown border, 1969, EF unfolded, 35 Euro.

LTV Electrosystems, Inc.
Incorporated in 1964 under Delaware law; print: ABNC; blue border, 100 shares; 4,5 by 6 cm engraving of semi nude man in front of a computer main frame and other symbols of electric devices; price 25 Euro.

Incorporated in 1968 under Delaware law; 4,5 by 2 cm logo with computer disk and Aesculapius staff; print: Security-Columbian Banknote Comp.;
---------- brown, odd shares, 1969, price 25 Euro.
---------- blue, 100 shares, 1969 and 1970, price 35 Euro.

Scan-Data Corporation
Incorporated under Pennsylvania law in 1965; certificate of 100 shares in the name of George M. Jaffin, blue border, print: Security-Columbia Banknote Co.; vignette of eagle, wings spread, EF, unfolded, no staple traces, price 25 Euro.

(The) Sperry Corporation,
Incorporated under Delaware law,
3 nice vignettes: gunboat at sea, duble decker plane above village and river, cockpitt console; print: Security Banknote Co.; some historic data:
1910: Sperry Gyroscope Co. founded to manufacture and sell navigational equipment. / 1933: Sperry Corporation is formed; / 1955: Sperry and Remmington Rand merge to form Sperry Rand; // In 1873 Remmington & Sons had introduced the first commercially viable typewriter and Remmington Rand produced in 1949 the world's first business computer.
Sperry made the Bird computers, amongst other things

---------- red, < 100 shares, 1951,  50 Euro
---------- lila, 100 shares, 1954,  50 Euro

Sperry Rand Corporation
Incorporated under Delaware law in 1955 by merger of The Sperry Corporation and Remmington Rand.; In 1986 Sperry Rand and Burroughs merged to form Unisys Corporation.
8 by 5,5 cm engraving of a man in front of industrial and chemical items; All items are similar to the orange border, 1956 type as shown below.
---------- 1955, green, 100 shares; print: Security Banknote Co.; facsimile signature of presiden Harry F. Vickers; price 50 Euro.
---------- 1956, orange, < 100 shares, print: Security Banknote Co.; facsimile signature of president Harry F. Vickers; price 25 Euro.
---------- 1970, green, 100 shares, print: Security-Columbian Banknote Co.; price 35 Euro.
---------- 1974, blue/grey, > 100 shares; print: Security-Columbian Banknote Co.; price 35 Euro.
---------- 1978, light blue, < 100.000 shares; print: Security-Columbian / United States Banknote Company; facsimile signature of chairman of the board J.Paul Lyet; price 35 Euro.

University Computing Company
under Delaware law; 7,25% convertible subordinate debenditure, due 1995; 1974 bond of 1000 $, red overprint:"name changed to Wyly Corporation; olive border; 6 by 9 cm. engraving of elegant woman, holding globe, before countryside view and city skyline.; EF, unfolded, no staple traces, price 50 Euro.

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