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Société Immobilière du Domaine de Rothschild
Action de 100 Francs au porteur; Grasse (France), 1926; Impr. Imbert & Cie, Grasse; , ca. 23 by 31 cm.; 14 by 9 cm. vignette in yellow underprint of scenery with palm trees and cypresses; black decorative border, see picture,  coupons attached; 15 by 5 cm purple rectangular stamp, with what I think is a name change to what I think is Ancien Domaine Alice de Rothschild, seated in Paris; folded once; red stamp with family crest of arms, price 125 Euro.

Germany / Deutschland
Westend Terrain und beteiligungsholding AG
Frankfurt, 1987; Sammel-Vorzugsaktie ohne Stimmrecht, über 10 Vorzugsaktien zu je 50 Mark (certificate for 10 shares of 50 Mark each); rose / brown, size 21 by 30 cm; 9,5 by 6,5 cm. engraving of the Frankfurt Villa of the Rothschild family; see picture, 2 facsimile signatures, but no Kontrollunterschrift and cancelled with the word "Ungültig", printed in red, so it may be an unissued certificate; prirnt: W. Oldenburg, München, price 45 Euro.

United States Lines Company
Formed  in 1921 as a result of the failure of United States Mail Steamship Company.  In 1986 a chapter ... procedure was started and in 1990 liquidation reulted.
In 2000 the name United States Lines was revived  by American Classic Voyages Co. as a brand name and is introducing a newe fleet of cruise ships. Read the elaborate story ! (still under construction).
1940s and 1950s; see similar vignette of ship with god of the trade Mercury and probably Fortuna
green , < 100 shares:   in the name of L.F. Rotschild & Co., EF, unfolded, 45 Euro

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