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Russia / Rusland
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Russian Cities / Russische Steden
Nothing available right now / Momenteel niets beschikbaar

Russian Companies / Russische bedrijven
Compagnie Russo-Belge de Produits Céramiques, SA
constitué 2-10-1898, Bruxelles; Action ordinaire au porteur; blue decorative border on blue field; Lith.: e la Cote Libre, Bruxelles, brown colouring on left mid fold and 1 cm tear in this fold, price 25 Euro. Sorry this item is teporarily lost out of sight, due to be found again some day in a pile where it had accidentally landed.

Nederlandsche Bank voor Russischen Handel,
recepis voor 1 aandeel van 250 Roebel, zonder coupons uitgegeven door de Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappij, Amsterdam 1917, lees de geschiedenis, gepubliceerd in het VVOF Mededelingenblad december 2004, p. 4-5, met 1 afb., door R. A. Oosten.
----- EF, unfolded,  black and white, printed by De Bussy in Amsterdam, orange imprinted tax seal,  price 45 Euro (as of May 14th 2015 unavailable: I should have one item left, but cannot find it right now).

Russian Government / Russische Staat
Imperial Government of Russia / Kaiserlich Russische Regierung
1894: 4% gold loan (Gold Anleihe), sixth issue,  bond (anleihe) 125 Roebel  to bearer, with coupons, blue wet tax stamp of the Dutch province of North Holland, brown / black, 15 Euro.

4pCt. Binnenlandsche Leening van Rusland, 1901
Certificaat no. 643 voor 550 Roebel, uitgegeven door het administratiekantoor onder directie van Hope & Co., Ketwich en Voombergh en Wed.W. Borski, Amsterdam, 20-6-1901. Afm. 24 x 17 cm., met blauwe sierrand en belastingstempel. De coupons t.m juni 1917 zijn geknipt en geIncasseerd, coupon no. 67 d.d. december 1917 is wel geknipt, maar later weer met een speld gehecht aan het couponvel: vanwege de oktoberrevolutie van 1917 werd er op de coupons niet meer uitgekeerd. conditie VF+: rechter rand kort afgeknipt, 1 horizontale vouw. Prijs € 45.
English: 4 percent Interior Loan from Russia, certificate no. 643 for 500 Roebel issued in Amsterdam in june 1901 by the Administration Office directed by Hope & Co., Ketwich en Voombergh en Wed.W. Borski, measuring 24 x 17 cm., blue decorative border. Interest coupons were cut of the coupon heet and cashed until june 1917. Coupon no. 67 for december 1917 has been cut of, but later on re-attached with a pin: due to the october revolution of 1917 no more coupons were payed out ever since. Condition VF+: right border cut of short, one horizontal fold, price € 45.

4,5% Russia 1917, Kerenski bond (?).
20 by 19,5 cm with 10 by 5,5 cm engraving of the armed goddess Athens (L: Minerva), protecting a baby,; print: American Banknote Company; these bonds have only texts in Russian.
---------- 1917-1927, orange, 200 Roebel (?), EF, ubfolded, price 45 Euro.
---------- 1917-1927, green, 200 Roebel (?), EF, unfolded, price 50 Euro. Sorry, I can't find this item right now in my stocks. I has probably been mislaid and will pop up again some day.

Russian Railroads / 'Russische Spoorwegen

Grand Russian Railroad

Grand Russian Railway Company / Gross Russische Eisenbahn Gesellschaft (Lese die Geschichte !)
1881, 3% bond of 125 silver Roebles, Suppes cat. no. 1021a
----- no. 201096; condition VF+ , really nice piece with one midfold but no major defects; price € 45.
----- no. 180506; condition VF, minor dagmage in paper and a rust trace of a paperclip; price € 25.

Gross Russische Eisenbahn

Kursk-Charkow-Asow Eisenbahngesellschaft, 4% obligation DM 2000, St. Petersburg 1889, SU E 1033c; # issued 23.203; bewertung 3; grey border and field, tax stamps from Russia, Germany and Noord-Holland (Province of North Holland); condition F: paper rest and 3 cm tear in lower border, price 6 Euro.

Moskau-Windau- Rybinck Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, 4% bond, 1000 Reichsmark, 1897, orange/black, SUE 1081b 3, price11 Euro.

1894:  4% Obligation / Bond  of the Imperial Russian Government, 125 Roebel Gold, to bearer, with coupons, brown / yellow, condition VF, no tears, faint tropical brown stains on the folds, 25 Euro.

1885: 4% Anleihe (bond), 125 Roebel metall (metal), brown, with coupons, 10 Euro.

Tramways et Entreprises Electriques de la Banlieu de St. Petersburg SA,
established on April 4th 1912, Seat: Antwerp,
----- Action de Dividende, brown decorative border, print: J. Verschueren-Anvers; 7 by 5 cm. vignette: goddess, trams and city view; 23 Euro.
----- Action de Capital; pink border; 23 Euro.

Wladikawkas railroad company / Wladikawkas Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft
---------- 4% Obligation (Bond), 125 Roebel Metall (metal)l, St Petersburg 1885, brown / black, VF with coupons, 10 Euro.

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