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engraving on share certificates of Locheed Corp.

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American Airlines, Inc., 1988, 10 7/8 % loan, red, mechanic at tail of plane / monteur met staartstuk van vliegtuig , 43 Euro

American Airlines, Inc. brown 1974, 4½% loan, gignette: sitting man, airport, flying and parked planes , god with Mercure staff / zittende man met vliegveld met vliegend en staand vliegtuig , 23 Euro

Butler Aviation International Inc., Delaware, 1974, blue, no vignette, 23 Euro.

engraving on share certificates from Custer Channel Wing Corp

Custer Channel Wing Corp.,
Incorporated in 1939 under Maryland law, class B, shares, all punch hole letter cancelled
Vignette: aeroplane with 2 engines enveloped by peculiarly formed wings. print: Security-Columbian Banknote Company.
---------- olive border, 100 shares,1970, 40 Euro.
---------- olive border, 100 shares, stamped "cancelled ouright", i.e. blankette, no year indication, EF+, unfolded, 30 Euro
---------- green border, < 100 shares, 1969, EF+, unfolded, 30 Euro.

lockheed Aircraft Corp. debenditure with engraving of female Mercury  in the nude  

Lockheed Aircraft Corporation,
4,25% convertible, subordinated debenditure, 1967, due 1992,

Vignette: female goddess Hermes (L: Mercury), in the nude, binding under her shoe with wings;

condition UNC (print fresh, with hole cancellation, SPECIMEN, price; 195 Euro.

Founded in 1926 by Allan Loughead ( later the name was legally changed to Lockheed ) and his brother Malcolm, the company was bought by Detroit Aircraft Corporation in 1929, only to have the parent corporation file for bankruptcy in early 1932. Later that year, on June 21, 1932 a group of investors led by Robert E. Gross purchased the bankrupt Lockheed Aircraft Corporation for $42,000. The advent of World War II began the company's business as a defense contractor by beginning with the P-38 Lightning bomber and still continues as a primary contractor for U.S. defense aircraft as Lockheed Martin Corporation (source:, January 8th 2012).

Pan Am Corporation, domestic share certificate, 1989 and 1990-ies, blue x shares, 11 Euro.
Vignette: well known ABNC vignette of lady, running, in the skye, sswinginging her arms and waving hair.

Pan American World Airways, Inc., 100 shares, red border, 1960-ies, hole cancelled, 11 Euro.
Vignette: 2 world globes, flanked by 2 allegorical men, one holding a Mercury staff, and an eagle above with spread wings. See picture.
------- Same, brown border, < 100 shares, 1960-ies  and 1970-ies, 11 Euro.
------- Same, blue-green border, x shares, 1970-ies and 1980-ies, 11 Euro.

sperry corporation, engraving on share certificates

(The) Sperry Corporation,
Incorporated under Delaware law,
3 nice vignettes: gunboat at sea, duble decker plane above village and river, cockpitt console; print: Security Banknote Co.; some historic data:
1910: Sperry Gyroscope Co. founded to manufacture and sell navigational equipment. / 1933: Sperry Corporation is formed; / 1955: Sperry and Remmington Rand merge to form Sperry Rand; // In 1873 Remmington & Sons had introduced the first commercially viable typewriter and Remmington Rand produced in 1949 the world's first business computer.
Sperry made the Bird computers, amongst other things

---------- red, < 100 shares, 1951,  50 Euro
---------- lila, 100 shares, 1954,  50 Euro

Trans World Airlines, 6½% $ 100debenditure, 1978 (red), nice vignette, 23 Euro

Trans World Airlines, 6½% $ 1000 debenditure, 1978, nice vignette, (green), 23 Euro

United Air Lines, Inc. brown, 4½ % debenditure of $ 1000, 1974, 34 Euro.
Very nice vignette of the god Mercury (Greek: Hermes)

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