The Netherlands:
VVOF-Vereniging van Verzamelaars van Oude Fondsen.

Handleiding voor de beginnende verzamelaar (warm aanbevolen !)

Vlaamse Vereniging voor Financiële Historie - VVFH
Francis Nys, Kruisbaan 17, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium
tel: +32 (0)15 41 29 63
email: [email protected]

Belgische Vereniging voor Scriptofilie

Scripta Russia Manent

Germany / Deutschland / Duitsland
EDHAC (Duitse scripofilie-vereniging)

Glasemann, Hans-Georg, vooraanstaand Duits scripofilist, die diverse geleerde werken schreef over het onderwerp. Sinds 2013 voorzitter van de Duitse scripofilisten vereniging EDHAC. Volg zijn interessante weblog.


Swedish scripophily society: website (update: November 2003)

United Kingdom;
The British Banking History Society is the new name for the 23-year-old British Cheque Society. Information:  Michael Lord (+44 1484 310104) or Peter Rooley: [email protected] (update: Nov. 2003)

IBSS-International Bond and Share Society (update April 2nd 2001)
This society has almost 1000 members from approx. 50 countries.
These members are listed annually in a Directory with addresses, e-mail, website, telephone and fax.
The Society publishes a very interesting quarterly journal "Scripophily" with many articles, advertisements, a collector's bulletin board etc. It also organises mailbids regularly and monthly auctions in London at the member-meetings.
Membership secretary:
Peter Duppa-Miller:
fax: +44 1225 840583 and tel: +44 1225 837271; e-mail: [email protected]
and / or Richard T. Gregg, P O Box 430, Hackensack, NJ 07602-0430
Membership fee is $ 25 USA, 12 £ rest of the world. Discounts for multi-year subscriptions.
IBSS runs a website:
An application form can be printed from this website.

Collecting Albums

One can buy collecting albums in various countries and the albums they offer differ in size, quality and price.
I have personal experience with the albums of the Belgian firm Boone Shares in Antwewerp (Belgium), and the German firm Kuerle Verlag. I have seen with other collectors the albums of the German firm Benecke and Rehse.
Besides I have experience with albums that were once sold by the Dutch Collectors' Society VVOF and several other brands that I acquired as second hand.

I do not wish to advice one brand or the other publicly although I have different experiences with each of these products. If you want my personal opinion, just ask.
As with most products: one has to pay for quality. But the cheaper products may well suit the collector that is not carrying the albums around to bourses frequently and is not handling these very frequently.

I invite album sellers to send me an ad or scan of their ads in journals or leaflets in order to offer the collectors society as broad a choice as possible here.


Nederland / The Neteherlands:
Scriporama and First Dutch, better known by the name of the owner and director Kees Monen organises 2 times a year an auction, nowadays in Hotel Breukelen, easily reached by car or train (hotel can be reached walking from the train) , not far from Amsterdam.
His adress is:
Kees Monen, Parelgras 144, NL-3206 RG Spijkenisse, The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0)181 630662; fax: +31 (0)181 643597; e-mail: [email protected]; website:
Prices at his auctions are often lower than those paid at German or Belgian auctions. Therefore these auctions may be worth while to monitor for German and Belgian colectors.
Next auction:

COLLECTWEB (Corné Akkermans), auctions at least once a year papermoney and old stocks, in "het Oude Stadhuis", Markt 1 te Culemborg; 12.30-18.00 hours; info: Tel: +31 (0)345531670; email: [email protected]
next auction:

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