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Latest acquisitions: Belgium
(update: 8-12-2021)

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Nederlandsche Spiegelglasfabrieken, aandeel uit 1899

Nederlandsche Spiegelglasfabrieken / Glaceries Néerlandaises
Brussel, 1899: Aandeel aan toonder groot 100 Frank; afm. ca. 21 x 32 cm. plus voll. aanh. couponblad.
Conditie VF: 2 maal fors gevouwen en div. kleine gebruikssporen, Prijs: € 25.

Femees d'Aujourd'hui / Het Rijk der Vrouw, Part Sociale, 1965  

Femmes d'Aujourd'hui S.A. / Het Rijk der Vrouw N.V.,


Ixelles, 1954, part social au porteur, green / black Art Deco border,

Price € 14,50.

Union Financiere Belge des Tabacs Tabacofina, S.A.,
Parts Sociales, unfolded
Nice small vignette (9 * 3,5 cm) of a tobacco bale in a tobacco field, with anchor and Mercury staff (caduceus); 10 cancelled dividend coupons attached.

---------- Part sociale, 1946, nr. 227138, left border has slight brown colouring, price € 15

---------- Part Sociale, 1958, nr. 655637, several wrinkles, small border tears repaired professionally, price € 7.
---------- Part Sociale, 1958, nr.644615, several wrinkles, lower border damaged, price € 5.

Belgian Congo


Manufacture de Tabacs et Cigarettes CamCongo,
Elisabethville (Belgian Congo) 1954,action de 1000 Francs Congolais, nice vignette in yellow, green and red, complete coupon sheet attached.
----- several very small border tears and some paper traces in left upper border, nr. 062690, price € 15.
----- no border tears, left border folded, nr. 060284, price € 20.

Mayumbe, societe agricole, part sociale de 1927  

Société Agricole du Mayumbe, S.A.

Siège Social à Bruxelles, Mayumbe lies in former Belgian Congo.

Part Sociale sans désignation de valeur, Bruxelles, 1927;

Imp. Côte Libre, Bruxelles; 37,5 x 23,5 cm., blue print; engraving of an african worrior, not a Masai, but probably a brother tribe that lived in Congo at the time (pers. comm. W. Nieboer, nov. 2015); in underprint: a farmer ploughing with oxen and a court scene with the Justice Lady.

condition VF, coupon sheet attached by a staple in upper border, price € 25.


Distriart N.V.,
Oostende, 1992, kapitaalsaandeel zonder nom. waarde (capital share without nominal value),

nr. 1 in a series of (16) art-design stocks, this one showing a photo by Liliane Vertessen, displaying a woman, seductively lying down and holding a whip. This photo she also used in one of her installations: bed with mirror.

Border and field are light green, see certificate, or detailed photo, price 35 Euro.

Distriart is an art galery, art shop and art publisher, established in 1987 as Gode Beheer. It's name was changed to Distriart in 1992.

  Liliane Vertessen: woman with whip









Gilliot & Co., Hemixem, part sociale  

Manufactures Ceramiques d' Hemixem Gilliot & Co.
Beautiful Art Deco border in dark red and dark green, beautiful piece !
Hemixem, 1950, capital social 80.000.000 fr, part social, 1950, price 60 Euro.

Manufactures Ceramiques d' Hemixem et de la Dye
Beautiful Art Deco border in light red and yellow green, beautiful piece ! (similar design as above).
Hemixem, 1958, capital social 100.000.000 fr., part sociale, 1958, , price 60 Euro

Coöperatieve Rabobank Baarle -Nassau, gev. te Baarle-Nassau (B), (enclave in N.Br.): 5% kasbon (rode sierrand, prijs € 25), 6% kasbon (blauwe sierrand, prijs € 50) en kasbon € 5.000 (groene sierrand, prijs € 35).


Zeldzame SPECIMEN uit de geruimde archieven van drukkerij De Bussy Ellerman Harms, Amsterdam.
Afm. 21 bij 30 cm, conditie UNC (drukfris), met oranje-zwart logo van de Rabo Bank: lopende man op zonnewijzer.

  Rabobank kasbon


Brasserie de Haecht, S.A.
Établie à Boortmeerbeek en 1903; Action de 100 Francs au porteur, Boortmeerbeek, 1921; bruine sierrand, div. stempels, afm. ca. 28 x 40 cm.; conditie VF+: lichte middenvouw maar rechter rand onregelmatig afgeknipt voor de coupons; Het bedrijf bestaat nog steeds en betaalde anno 2009 nog dividend uit; prijs € 10.

Government of the Chinese Republic / Gouvernemet de la République Chinoise, 8% Railway Equipment Loan,
£20 Treasury Note, blue, issued in Brussels (Belgium) in 1922. See scan of the left half , see scan of the right half.
50 x 31 cms, with engraving of a train amidst Cinese buildings, with 14 coupons, from June 1926 - Dec. 1932.
Kuhlman catalogue no. 640
Condition VF: no border defects; price € 45.

Luycks S.A. / N.V.
(famous from it's mustard and pickels!)
Aartselaar (B), 1964; Aandeel van 1000 Fr., no. 256 in kapitaal van 1.250.000 Fr.; Blue decorative border, complete coupon sheet attached; on inner side put in the name of Luycks Producten NV., te Diemen; ca. 22 by 32 cm.; printed by De Beurs, Borgerhout, price 35 Euro.

Gouvernemet de la République Chinoise
Bon du Tresor 8 % de 1923; Chemin de Fer Lung-Tsing-U-Hai, Bon de 500 Francs, Bruxelles, 1923, Kuhlman no.650; brown border on beige, 2 red frames with Chinese texts, new coupon sheet; 1939 -1961, coupons glued to back side of right border, 20 by 26,5 cm and coupons 27 by 41 cm., VF+, very neat condition, right lower corner some wrinkles, price 25 Euro.

See page on explanations, sales conditions, costs of shipping and on how to order and to pay.

You are here: latest acquisitions: Belgium

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