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Latest Acquisitions: France
(update: 8-12-2021)

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Casinos de Nice, 5 parts beneficiaires au porteur, 1910  

Casinos de Nice, S.A. des,

Nice, 1910, Cinq parts bénéficiaires au porteur,

Afm. ca. 25 x 43 cm. met aangehecht een restant van het couponblad;

Zeer fraai geïllustreerd stuk, maar in conditie F à W: zeer slechte conditie met vele sellotapereparaties van vele scheuren en scheurtjes,


Prijs € 10.

Casino de Santa-Lucia, part de fondateur, 1926  

Casino de Santa Lucia S.A., à St-Raphaël, Part de Fondateur au porteur, Paris, 1926, oplage 7.000 stuks, In underprint the casino-poster, showing an elegant lady under tree on rock at the see with the casino, advertising the casino's park, restaurant, attractions and playing-rooms. Complete coupon sheet attached.




---------- nr. 3727, Conditie VF: in onderrand 0,5 cm. scheurtje links midden onder 2 scheune kreukels, verder heel moi, prijs € 75.

---------- nr, 3760, conditie VF: bovenin een lichte bruingele vlek (in werkelijkheid veel minder duidelijk te zien), verticale vouw rechts, links bovenin wat gekreukeld met een klein scheurtje, prijs € 45.


Casino des Fleurs de Beaulieu sur-mer, Action de 500 francs

Casino des Fleurs de Beaulieu sur-mer
Nice, 1-12-1928: Action de 500 Francs au porteur.
Met prachtige gravure.
Conditie UNC = drukfris, geen gebreken, geen vouw tussen aandeel en couponblad. Daarom verzending als pakket in grote enveloppe of koker. Verz. kosten in NL: ongevouwen € 10; gevouwen bij het couponblad: € 5.
Afm.: zonder couponblad: 21 x31 cm; met couponblad: 40 x 31 cm..
Prijs: € 75 excl. verzending.

La Holding Francaise & Holding de France: Oustric's business buble that finally the story (in Dutch) by the famous stock market speculator Kostolany.

These 2 companies show the same logo on their stocks, but I don't know the exact relation between the two. Who can inform me ?

Holding de France, een schandaal-aandeel uit Parijs ca. 1930  

Holding de France S.A.,

Action au porteur de 100 Fr, Paris 1931, with Dutch orange tax stamp,

with all coupons attached, measures without coupons ca. 32,5 x 20,5, no folds except at the coupon-sheet.

price €35


La Holding Francaise, de zeepbel die knapte

La Holding Francaise - H.O.L.F.R.A., S.A.

---------- Action ordinaire de Cent Francs au Porteur, Paris, 1928, red border on green field, with coupon sheet attached of which only one coupon has been cut. Measuring ca. 31 x 20,5 cm.
One year later the capital was -according to a stamp - raised from 25 million to 240 million Francs !
----------------- no. 213.879, price € 20
----------------- no. 387.734, price € 20
----------------- no. 213.878, price € 20
----------------- no. 249.480, price € 20

---------- Titre de 25 Actions Ordinaires de Cent Francs au Porteur, Paris, 1929, grey border on yellow field, with coupon sheet attached of which only one coupon has been cut. Measuring ca. 30,5 x 22 cm., Price € 50.


Kostolany, Andé (1986), Kostolanys Börsenseminar Für Kapitalanleger und Spekulanten, uitg. Econ Taschenbuch Verlag, ISBN 3-612-26235-1

Kostolany, André (1986), Kostolanys Beurskroniek voor Beleggers en Speculanten, uitg. Strengholt, 1986, isbn 90-6010-657-1, 219 p.

La Holding Francaise: Kostolany &Oustric, V.V.O.F. Mededelingeblad Nr. 2 van juli-aug. 1980, blz. 9 en 10



Paris, 1971, 8,75% Obligation de 500 Francs au porteur,

avec coupons 5-18, annulées. ca. 20 x 27 cm

Imprimerie spéciale de banque, Montreuil

condition UNC, prix: € 75.

The company started in 1909 as producer of hair colouring shampoos. Liliane Bettencourt started working in the factory of her father at the age of 15 gluing labels on bottles. When her father, Eugène Schueller, died in 1957, Liliane inherited the company. In 2016 L'Oréa's turn over was about € 25 billion and Liliane still owned one third of the company. In september 2017 she died as the richest woman in the world. Earlier that year, L'Oreal sold their subsidiary The Body Shop, with 3200 establishments world wide, of which ca. 30 in The Netherlands, to the Brasilian Natura Cosméticos.

Jean Cocteau-Emprunt d'Etat-1982  

Cocteau, Jean

République Francaise - Emprunt d'État 1982, 16,2%,  2000 F, Paris 8-1-1982, with coupon sheet attached.

Beautifully drawn woman's head (see picture) by Jean Cocteau, probably his version of France's national symbol, Marianne.

(Waarschijnlijk Cocteau's versie van Frankrijk's nationale symbool Marianne: zie hier en hier bij Wikipedia)

condition EF, but some tiny staple holes, price: 75 Euro.

The Parisian Jean Cocteau (1889 -1963) was the first true multi-media artist. He was not only well known as a film director (e.g. in 1946 La Belle et Le Bête = The Beauty and The Beast, after Madame Le Prince de Beaumont's book in 1757), but is also widely known in poetry, fiction, ballet, opera, painting and illustration. See further:

Société Industrielle du Gaz Méthane, Action 1909

Société Industrielle du Gaz Méthane (Anciens Établissements HELLA)
Courbevois (Fr.), 1909, Part Bénéficiaire au porteur, Série A; Ca. 19 x 24 cm + Art Nouveau borders and coupons; Imp. Maljean, Paris, condition: one horizontal fold near bottom, price € 25.

Pétrole Trust,

Action de 100 Francs au Porteur,

Paris, apres 1924,

(nice vignette of old oil towers),

measuring ca. 20 x 30 cm. complete coupon sheet attached,

condition EF: unfolded, except on fold with coupon sheet;

price 60 Euro.

  Petrole Trust, Action au porteur

Sociëtë Anonyme de Constructions Mecaniques et de Machines-Outils (Nord)
Constitué en 1906; Action de 200 Francs au porteur; Louvroil, 1924;
Blue border, orange Dutch tax stamp and a French tax stamp; 21 x 31 cm.; condition VF; price € 35.


Fransch-Javaansche Exploitatie Maatschappij, N.V./ Société de Culture Franco-Javanaise S.A.
Founded in 1912 in The Hague (The Netherlands) and administrative seat in Paris / Siège social à La Haye et Siège Administratif à Paris. 16 x 24 cm., coupon sheet attached; they were in the oil business:
---------- 1/10e aandeel aan toonder van f 100 / 1/10e Action au porteur (1/10th share of DGL 100 to bearer); Blue border on green, red French printed tax stamp, condition VF: unfolded but many tiny needle holes, price € 50.
--------- 1/100e Oprichtersaandeel / 1/100e Part de Fondateur (1/100th Founder Share); brown border on beige; condition VF: many tiny needle holes and various traces of usage; price € 35

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