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Female beauty: scarcely dressed women, Canada

(update June 8th 2007)

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Anglo United Development Corp., Ltd, 1986, 1 share in the name of the Bond and Share Collectables ltd., vignette of an almost nude lady (probably the Goddess of  hunting Artemis (Gr) / Diana (L)) running with 3 greyhounds and holding a bow, blue and black, EF, except for 2 tiny rust staines in the white of the right upper border, price 495 Euro
One of the 12 Olympic gods, Artemis was the Goddess of the hunt and of the moon. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto and twin sister of the God Apollo. She protected the hunters and the innocent.

IOS-Investors Overseas Services,
Toronto, Canada, 1970, bearer share warrants for a varying number of shares, with facsimile signature of president Bernie Cornfield, vignette: lady with bare breasts, long hair waving in the wind, holding Hermes staff (caduceus), sitting in front of a harbour and factories, leaning on a globe, withh couponsheet attached,:
IOS was the infamous mutual fund of Bernie Cornfield, that ended in a scam: many persons lost most or all of their invested money.
---------- warrant for odd shares, dark brown border, no coupons,75 Euro.
---------- warrant for  1 share, brown border,  1969, VF+: 75 Euro.
---------- warrant for 10  shares, green border, 1969-1970, EF, price 75 Euro; VF, price 55 Euro.
---------- warrant for 50 shares, dark grey border,  1969, EF, price 75 Euro.

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