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The Netherlands / Nederland
Algemene Garage en Automobiel Maatschappij A.G.A.M. te Amsterdam,
Mercedes dealer, blankette (UNC), van aandeel nr. 425 van f 1000, kapitaal 1 miljoen, geplaatst en volgestort: f 400.000, # geplaatst 400 ?, # blankettes = 600 ?, prijs 20 Euro.

English: DAF logo in blue and red, and a truck in white underprint as well as a white seal,
---------- 1 gewoon aandeel aan toonder van f 5, (1 bearer share of 5 Guilders) Eindhoven, 13-6-1989,
 green border,  see picture,  price 20 Euro.
----------  bewijs van 20 gewone  aandelen  à f 5, Eindhoven, 1989, same design as above, but brown border, see picture, price 45 Euro.

DAF is de afkorting van van Doorne’s Automobiel abriek. Het was een auto- en is een vrachtautofabrikant opgericht door Huub van Doorne. In 1932 begon hij van Doorne’s Aanhangwagen Fabriek. Vanaf 1938 bouwt DAF voortuigen. In februari 1958 rolde de eerste DAF personenauto met tweecilinders, viertaktmotor en variomatic versnelingsbak, van de band. In 1975 werd de personenauto-tak verkocht aan Volvo. In 1987 name ze van British Leyland de vrachtwagendivisie over. De introductie op de beurs, met Cor Baan als voorzitter van de Raad van Bestuur, was op 5 juni 1989, maar al op 1 september 1993 werd het faillisement uitgesproken. Er werd in afgeslankte vorm doorgestart als DAF Trucks N.V.. In 1996 werd het bedrijf overgenomen door het Amerikaanse Paccar.
d.d.28-10-2016 en Ton Verkerk:

Hispano Suiza (Nederland) N.V.
gev. te 's Gravenhage; opgericht op 16-1-1951; Bewijs van Aandeel aantoonder groot f 1000; druk: Joh. Enschedé en Zonen- Haarlem; groene sierrand en grijze afbeelding van het bedrijfslogo (een ooievaar) in de onderdruk; afm. ca. 22 x 29 cm., ongevouwen met aanh. couponblad, waarvan no. 1 is geknipt; Het aandeel is in 1957 overgeschreven t.n.v. Louis Birkigt te Genève (waarschijnlijk een nazaat van de Hispano Suiza ingenieur Marc Birkigt) en in 1958 t.n.v. Mecatex Holdings te Zürich. Bekijk hieronder ook het Spaanse aandeel, een Nederlands Hispano Suiza briefhoofd op een rekening en de uitgebreide geschiedenis van dit bedrijf en haar fameuze ooievaarslogo ! Prijs: € 125.

Import Maatschappij voor Autobanden I.M.V.A., NV
Opgericht  te Rotterdam op 16-12-1948 na de Ministeriële verklaring van geen bezwaar op 2-10-1948; Bewijs van Aandeel f 1000 (volgens stempel op 7-12-1965 opgehoogd naar f 1.200)  t.n.v. J. Melles (één der oprichters), in 1970 overgeschreven t.n.v. Johan Peter C. Melles; druk: Roepers, Den Haag; afmeting 23 bij 30 cm.; groene sierrand op beige patroon; met couponresten; conditie EF, ongevouwen:
---------- Rotterdam, 2-10-1948, prijs 35 €.
---------- Rotterdam, 21-12-1965, prijs 25 €.
----- beide types, samen € 50.

Nederlandsche Automobiel- en Vliegtuigfabriek "Trompenburg"
Gev. te Amsterdam, opgericht op 31-3-1914 als fusie van de hierna beschreven N.V. Rijtuigfabriek voorheen gebroeders Spijker en de Dutch Aircraft Factory N.V.; Bewijs van aandeel groot f 1000, Amsterdam 1916; zeer zeldzaam SPECIMEN uit de archieven van drukkerij De Bussy, A'dam; groene druk en sierrand, afm. ca. 25 x 35 cm.; 1 hor. vouw en 1 verticale gaatjesrij ter ontwaarding. Prijs: € 995,-
Dutch Automobile and Aircraft Factory "Trompenburg"
Established in Amsterdam on March 31st 1914 as a merger of the N.V. Rijtuigfabriek voorheen gebroeders Spijker (described directly below) and the Dutch Aircraft Factory N.V; share certificate of 1000 Dutch Guilders, Amsterdam, 1916, very rare SPECIMEN from the archives of the Amsterdam printer De Bussy; one horizontal fold and a vertical perforation line, price: 995 Euro.

(The offices and factory are shown very clearly on letter heads and a share certificate of the paper factory Papierindustrie Nestelroy Trompenburg NV that used these buildings in the period after 1925, when the car factory closed down).
The letter heads (complete invoice) cost € 25 à 50 , depending on quality; the share certificate costs € 995. Take a look at our web page on automobile related letter heads or Order here.

NV Rijtuigfabriek voorheen gebroeders Spijker (Engl.: Carriage-works formerly Spijker brothers)
Amsterdam, April 1st 1891; Bewijs van aandeel (Engl.: Certificate of one share) no. 083, groot f 1000 (thousand guilders) in a total kapital of f 500.000. The company was established in february 27th 1891.
Originally signed by the 2 directors H.J. (Hendrik Jan) Spijker and J. (Jacobus) Spijker as well as by board member van Eeghen.
Printed by Joh. Enschede en zonen, Haarlem. Light green with a decorative "music note" type border and an embossed tax seal from the province of North Holland.
Condition VF: one midfold, torn below 2 cm. and above 0,5 cm. Attached is the coupon sheet, 6 of which have been declared for dividend.
This share is the second one that has ever appeared on the collector's market. The first one (no. 079) was auctioned in 2001 by Monen in The Netherlands and fetched a price of 7,300 Duth Guilders, including charges Dutch Guilders 9,037. Because of the listing of Spyker Cars on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange on May 27th 2004 and the participation of Spyker Cars in Formula-1 racing, Spyker has - again - become a world wide famous brand by now. Later the small Spyker company bought the large (but failing) Swedish Saab car manufacturing company and changed its name to Swedish Automobile, listed at the Amsterdam stock exchange. But this endeavour failed as well and the name of the company may be changed again into Spyker Cars.

Short history of this company and its follower, the currently active and famous Spyker automobielfabrieken (Spyker cars):
(click here for the more comprehensive story)
In 1880 the Spijker brothers started a coach and carriage factory in Hilversum. In 1886 they moved to the Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam, where they started producing automobiles around 1900. One of the last coaches they produced is the famous Golden Coach, a present to Queen Wilhelmina from the city of Amsterdam, on the occasion of her ascent to the throne in 1898. This coach is still in use by the present queen every year at the opening of parliament.
In 1901 the Spijker brothers started to build Benz cars in licence under the name Spijker-Benz. For this purpose a new factory was built at the Amsteldijk in Amsterdam with the name Industriële Maatschappij Trompenburg, after the former homestead at that location (These offices and factory are shown on letter heads and a share certificate of the paper factory Papierindustrie Nestelroy Trompenburg NV that used these buildings in the period after 1925, when the car factory closed down). In 1903 the name Spijker was changed into Spyker, easier for use abroad. In that year they built a car that was both the first 6-cylinder as well the first permanently 4-wheel driven car in the world, the 60 HP GrandPrix racer. This car still exists and can be seen in the Automobiel museum in Raamsdonksveer. In 1907 the Spyker 14/18 finished in the first Peking-Paris rally. The brand became world famous and was called the Rolls Royce of the continent. In 1914 Spyker merged with the Dutch Aircraft Factory N.V. under the new name Nederlandsche Automobiel- en Vliegtuigfabriek "Trompenburg" (Dutch Automobile and Airplane works Trompenburg). See above for a specimen share ! The axiom became: "Nulla Tenaci invia est via" (for the tenacious no road is impassable). The logo became a combination of a spiked wheel and an airoplane propellor. In 1915 de airplane pilot Henri Wijnmaken became director until 1922. During the first world war 100 fighter-planes and 200 aircraft engines were produced by what was now "the NV Nederlandsche Automobiel- en Vliegtuigfabriek "Trompenburg" (the ". A few shares of this company from 1916 exist in the collector's market. Trompenburg went not broke but had to stop the production in 1925. On May 26th 1926 the inventory was auctioned. The company had produced 1500 cars and held more than 100 patents in its name.

Spyker Cars
Many years later, he rights for the name Spyker were bought for Spyker Cars (at that time Spyker Automobielen BV), founded in1999 by entrepeneur Victor Muller and co-founder and car designer Maarten de Bruijn. In 2000 the Spyker C8 Spyder was introduced, 75 years after the last Spyker had been built in 1925. This hand made car reflects in its design the combined car-airoplane history to a large extent. On May 27th 2004 Spyker Cars became listed under that name on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. In that year three models were being hand made in the works at Zeewolde: the Spyder 215, Laviolette and Double 12. In 2002 and 2003 they participated in the 24 hours race at Le Mans. In 2006 some 100 cars were produced. In 2007 production stalled to about a quarter of that and the company faced severe financial and other difficulties. Therefore the Formula-1 racing team was sold in september 2007 to the Indian entrepeneur Vijay Mallya and the Dutch family de Mol for € 88 million. Besides that, the Russian banker Vladimir Antonov is going to give a financial injection of another € 34,5 million through Snoras Bank in Litauen, part of the Russian Convers Group that is controlled by Antonov..

Belgium / Belgie / Belgique

Autobus Belges S.A., action de capital de 100 Fr, Anvers 1924, brun, EF, price 23 Euro.
Vignette: The Great Market square of Brussels with bus in front of the townhall.
For detail of vignette click here

Minerva Motors S.A., Berchem-Anvers, Belgium,
---------------Part Social, 1920, Vignette: helmed head of the God Minerva with a dragon with wings on the helmet;  blue decorative border, price 25 Euro
--------------  coupure d'un 1/10e de la part sociale, Anvers 1929,
Blue border and in each corner a small vignette: helmed head of the God Minerva with a dragon with wings on the helmet. She is also depicted in the underprint.
---------- coupon sheet attached with tape: 16 Euro
---------- coupon sheet still normally attached: 35 Euro

see also: Societe Nouvelle Minerva.............

Société nouvelle MINERVA S.A., Part Sociale, # = 5000, Sprimont 1941, EF, brun avec texte rouge, nice border with flowers, price 27 Euro


André Citroën,
established in 1924 in Paris,
--------------------1927, Part Bénificiaire au porteur, 27,5 by 20 cm., droit à 30% du solde des Bénéfices nets, black/green on beige, print: E.Desfossés, Paris, Art-Deco border with 4 vignettes of different cars, red company logo, facsimile signature of André Citroën, the founder  and sun of the famous Amsterdam jewelry company Citroen (= Dutch for lemon) (de oprichter en zoon van de bekende Amsterdamse juwelier Citroen).
----- EF, hardly visible fold in lower border, a few tiny staple holes, price 125 Euro.
-------------------- after 1937, capital 210 million Fr.; 1/10e Part  Bénéficiaire de 1er rang, red border om yellow, 18,5 by 27 cm., coupons attached; Imprimerie Speciale de Banque; 5 by 6,5 cm. engraving of a road and Citroen vignette; facsimile signature of president  Michel; condiion EF, no folds, a few tiny staple holes; price 100 Euro.
-------------------- after 1937 but before 1956; capital 9.540 million Fr. divisé en 2.440.000 actions de 3.500 Fr.; Action de 3.500 Fr. au porteur; 19 by 27 cm.; coupons attached; 5 by 7 cm. engraving of a road and Citroen vignette; Imprimerie Spéciale de Banque; red border on green; stamp from 1956: nomination raised to 5.000 Fr., condition VF+: unfolded, small cut in right border from coupon cutting; 2 archive holes in lower border, price 100 Euro.
------------------------------- 4 pages documentation in English from around 1960 about "Automobiles Citroën N.V.", Stadionplein, Amsterdam,  with photos of the garage, 5 doubledecker trucks with Citroën cars, Citroën's exhibition on the  M.s. "Holland" and  of a dozen  Dutch Road Scouts (Wegenwachten)  in front of their Citroën  "Ugly ducklings" (Lelijke Eendjes), 4 copies on 160 grams crème paper, price  8 Euro.

Omnibus de Paris (Compagnie Generale des), established in 1855, Paris 1940, action de 500 Fr., red / brown, 2 green round tax and legal stamps, UNC (but very small, practically unvisible tear in left border), f 250 = 115 Euro.
21 Vignettes of famous Paris monuments, buildings and horse drawn carriages, an absolute beauty to frame !!!

Société Nouvelle pour L'automobile, SA
established on September 29th 1921 in Paris, France, Action de Cent Francs, Serie B au porteur, purple decorative border and texts on grey field, EF, unfolded, coupon sheet attached, 25 Euro.

Taxis-Citroën S.A.
Paris, 1924; capital 15 million Fr., divided in 150.000 actions de 100 Fr.; Action de 100 Francs au porteur, with complete coupon sheet attached, with facsimile signature of André Citroën; 31 by 20,5 cm.; Imprimerie CHAIX, Paris; brown decorative border on yellow, with 4 by 3 cm engraving of an oldtimer; 2 stamps regarding capital changes, condition VF: some staple damage, hardly visible when framed, one neat fold in lower border, price 75 Euro.

Germany / Deutschland
Bertrandt, AG, Ingenieursleistungen, Tamm, Germany, 1996 (car prototype design company) 13 by 5 cm black vignette of futuristic car design, larger picture of a car in the underprint; serial no. 00000000, but with all relevant signatures. UNC, unfolded.
---------- Aktie uber 5 DM (share of 5 Deutsch Mark), blue, 79 Euro.
---------- certificate of 10 shares of 5 DM = 50 DM, grey, 79 Euro.
---------- certificate of 200 shares of 5 DM = 1000 DM, green, 79 Euro.
1974 Eröffnung eines Ingenieurbüros; 1993 Gründung der Bertrandt GmbH; 1996 Umwandlung in eine AG, damals einer der ersten Werte am neuen Markt. Firmenzweck: Ingenieur- und Serviceleistungen, insbesondere Design, Entwicklung, Konstruktion, Fertigung von Prototypen für Fahrzeuge, Wetkzeuge, Verkehrssysteme. (Quelle: Benecke & Rehse, 2002).

Deutsch: Gegründet 1937.1938 Umfirmierung in Volkswagenwerk GmbH. Am 22. August 1960 Umfirmierung in Volkswagenwerk AG. 1985 erfolgt die Umbennenung in "Volkswagen AG". Ursprünglich nach den Plänen Ferdinand Porsches zur Herstellung eines KdF-Wagens errichtet, dienten die Wolfsburger Fabrikanlagen während des 2. Weltkrieges zur Produktion von Kübel- und Schwimmwagen für die deutsche Wehrmacht. Erst nach Kriegsende wird mit dem "Käfer" dann der erste eigentliche Volkswagen gebaut - insgesamt 21 Millionen Stück. Das am meisten produzierte Automobil war und ist der Golf mit mehr als 25 Millionen gebauter Autos. Zum Konzern zählen neben VW noch Audi, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, SEAT und Lamborghini sowie die Nutzfahrzeug-Sparte.

English: Established in 1937. Company reconstruction into Volkswagenwerk GmbH. Company reconstruction into Volkswagenwerk AG on August 22nd 1960. The factories in Wolfsburg were originally built for manifacturing the KdF-Wagens (beetles) designed by Ferdinand Porsche, but during WW II the factories served for building the "Kübel- und Schwimmwagen" for the German Army. It was only after the war that with the "beetle" the first true Volkswagen was built, to a total amount of 21 million cars. The car that Volkswagen built mostly, however, is the Golf of which type more than 25 million have been built. Besides VW the Wolfsburg concern also encompasses the brands Audi, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, SEAT and Lamborghini as well as the utility vehicle-Sparte.

All shares are in condition UNC (print fresh, unfolded), but may have cancellation holes or stamps on trhye back. All have size A4 = ca, 21 x 30 cm. All shares have the famous VW logo depicted.

volkswagenwerk 1961 Aktie 100 DM  

Volkswagenwerk AG, Wolfsburg 1961

Share of 100 DM, blue, hole cancellation in VW logo. Price € 10.

Certificate of 10 shares of 100 DM each = 1000 DM, brown, cancellation: 4 holes through 4 signatures, price € 25.

Volkswagenwerk  Aktie 1966  

Volkswagenwerk AG, Wolfsburg 1966

Share of 50 DM, rose, cancellation: 3 holes through 3 signatures, price € 25 .

Certificate of 20 shares of 50 DM each = 1000 DM, brown, cancellation: 3 holes through or near 3 signatures, price € 25.

Volkswagenwerk Aktie 1978  

Volkswagenwerk AG, Wolfsburg 1978

Share of 50 DM, rose, cancellation: 3 holes through 3 signatures, price € 25.

Certificate of 2 shares of 50 DM each = 100 DM, blue, cancellation: 2 holes in left border, price € 35.

Certificate of 20 shares of 50 DM each = 1000 DM, brown, cacellation: 4 holes in 4 signatures, price € 25

volkswagen AG Aktie 1986  

Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg 1986

Preferred Share of 50 DM, blue, cancellation by stamp on the back, price € 25.

Certificate of 10 preferred shares of 50 DM each = DM 500, cancellation by stamp on the back, price € 25.

Certificate of 50 preferred shares of 50 DM each = 2500 DM, rose, cancellation by stamp on the back, price € 25.

Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg 1991

Share of DM 50, blue, cancellation by stamp on the back, price € 50.

Certificate of 10 shares of DM 50 each = DM 500, grey, cancellation by stamp on the back, price € 50.

Certificate of 50 shares of DM 50 each = DM 2500, price € 50.



Porsche International Financing plc
Dublin, Ireland; 4 7/8% Inhaber-Schuldverschreibung über DM 10.000, der Anleihe 1997-2002, verteilt in 60.000 Schuldverschreibungen von je  DM 1.000,- und 14.000 Schuldverschreibungen zu je DM 10.000,-; Dublin, 1997; garantiert vom Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft; facsimile Unterschrift von Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking und Holger P. Härter; Druck: Gieseke & Devrient; 21 bbei 30 cm.; grün, mit 17 bei 7 cm. Abbildung einer silberen Porsche Vorseite, 2 Archieflöcher und Loch-entwertung, EF+: unfolded, price 150 Euro.
English:  bond of DM 10.000 in 1997-2002 loan, guaranteed by Porsche AG, Germany. large picture of silver Porsche front, hole cancelled and 2 archive holes.

La Hispano Suiza Fabrica de Automobiles S.A., Barcelona, 12-9-1940, 8th emission, share of 500 Pesetas, VF-EF, 300 Euro
See beautiful illustration of the famous Italian actress teresa Mariani, favourite model of tyhe famous Spanish artist and portraitist Ramon Casas (1866 - 1932).
Read more about this very famous automobile company !

United Kingdom
Straker-Squire Ltd.
One First Mortgage Debenditure Stock Certificate no 499, 1926; 37 by 28 cm., condition EF: one neat fold, a few very faint wrinkles, price 125 Euro.
In 1901 Sidney Straker and  L.R.L Squire started building steam cars and gas driven busses. Automobiles followed soon after; During World War I they built Rolls Royce aviation motors under licence. The company ended its existance in 1926 after Straker was killed in a hunting accident (source: Corné Akkermans veilingen); price 125 Euro.

Amerada Hess Corp., 6,75% bond due 1996, 1971, $ 10.000, red, f 95 = 43 Euro.
Vignette: elegant woman holding a Caduceus, a globe, chemical plant, gas station with gas truck and a ship.

Car Lighting and Power Company, State of Maine, USA, 1909
certificate of < 100 shares, no. 01608, orange border, vignette: man and woman (one breast uncovered), holding a lamp and electron ball equipment, flying horizontally together, Capital only 320.000 shares, 250 Euro.

European Auto Classics, Delaware, 1980, brown, 95 Euro
Vignette: 3 logo's of Mercedes, Ferrari and Rolls Royce

Ford Motor Company,
certificate for < 100 shares, green, 1974, beautiful 13 by 5 cm vignette of very old car, landscapes, roads, a bridge and skyscrapers, large stamp "Certificate cancelled and not issued", price 43 Euro.

Ford aandeel
click on picture to enlarge

General Motors Corporation, orange, 1955, vignette: truck, train and car, drawn in a modern fashion, 23 Euro.

Hess Oil & Chemical Corp., green,1969, 100 shares, 34 Euro.
Large vignette: Oil truck with the name Hess, harbour with ship named hess Trader, chemical plant and alegorical man.

Kaiser-Frazer Corporation, 1946, 100 shares, brown, no vignette, facsimile signatures of the president Joseph W. Frazer and secretary Walton S. Brown, f 75 = 34 Euro
The buyer also receives a copy of an interesting article about the company, the men and the stocks of  this Company, from Friends of Financial History, no. 25, March 1985, p 29-36.

Kaiser-Frazer Corporation, 1947, <100 shares, blue, with (later on) imprinted blue car, a forgery described in an interesting article about the company, the men and the stocks of  this Company, from Friends of Financial History, no. 25, March 1985, p 29-36., buyers receive a copy of this article, 34 Euro.

Literature and links:

Henk Groothuis shows a large and fantastic collection of automobile shares and posters:

In het Zwitserse plaatsje Monthlérie is een prachtig automuseum: Musée de l’automobile, Fondation Pierre Gianadda.
In 2004 hebben ze van hun autocollectie een prachtig 288 p. boek uitgegeven, vol prachtige kleurenfoto’s en uitleg der geschiedenis door E. Schmidt (in het Frans): ISBN 2-88443-080-6 (overigens hebben ze regelmatig wereldvermaarde schilderijententoonstellingen in dat prachtige museum).

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