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Male beauty
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Cinevision, Ltee (= Ltd), Quebec, 1973, x shares, blue, vignette: torch swinging nude man, globe and wheel with wings, Television Company; VF and unfolded, but in right upper corner the number 300 has been written with a pen, not near the vignette, though; price 23 Euro.

Marvel Hemsley Ltd, 1973, x shares, green, vignette is the same as that from Cinevision: torch swinging nude man, globe and wheel with wings, Television Company; price 23 Euro.

QCI Industries Ltd, formerly Quinte-Canlin Ltd
Ontario Canada, 1975, orange, x shares, vignette of strong semi-nude man turning the wheel of fortune, The certificate is originally printed as a Quinte-Canlin piece, but later over printed in red with the text "QCI-industries, formerly" price 50 Euro.

QCI Industries Ltd
Ontario, Canada, 1977, orange, x shares, vignette of strong semi-nude man turning the wheel of fortune, price 25 €.

These certificates were sold in The Netherlands and Belgium in the 1970's, together with certificates of Equicorp Industries and Mircan Industries Ltd, at people's doors and through banks and brokers. It ended in a big scam. Read the story on Equicorp Industries !


Verreries de Vertou S.A. (Societe Nouvelle des), 76 Rue de la Bastille, Nantes, established April 18th 1919, Action de 500 Fr. au porteur (bearer share), imprimerie Moderne, Nantes; price 225 Euro.
Beautiful black and white drawing (13 by 18 cm) of two half nude men shoving a glass bottle into an oven with a stick, see picture.

Rumania / Roemenië

Creditul Minier

Zece actijni nominative representano suma de lei 5000, in the name of René Marcovici, Bucaresti, 1923; very decorative mining share certificate (ca. 20 x 35 cm + coupons attached) showing 2 work men and 4 engravings of industrial processes such as mining towers and an oil well spouting out oil into the air.

Price € 75.

  creditul Minier share certificate, Bucarest 1923



Compania de las Hulleras de Ujo-Mieres, certificate of 1 share of 25 gold pesetas, Ujo, Asturia, established in 1904, black vignettes on ocre background, text in French and Spanish,  66 Euro.
Formed in 1904 to acquire the Asturias mines of Ujo-Mieres and Riosa. Long format with 2 large and impressive pictures: 1 of coal miners, busy at work under ground (19 * 11 cm) and 1 with surface workers loading the coal into trucks and women carrying coal on their heads (19 * 8 cm). A beauty to frame !!!

Sociedad Jareño de Constructiones Métalicas,
established in Madrid, 1913, share of 500 Pt, On the front side a Beautiful 14 by 20 cm large pink picture of forger at work, and at the inner side of the share a 7 by 2 cm drawing in black of the factory; beautiful for framing; price 245 Euro.

Chas, Pfizer & Co., Inc., Delaware, , USA, 100 shares, blue, 1950-ers, 23 Euro
Vignette: 2 men sitting on each side of an entrance with the name Pfizer above it.
The pharmaceutical firm, now called Pfizer has recently become famous by their production of the VIAGRA-pil.

Dillingham Corp., 100 shares, blue, 19sixties and seventies, 11 Euro.
Vignette: elegant man sitting in front of buildings, a road, a tunnel and electricity dam; also Company logo: globe with the name Dillingham. See picture

Exxon share

Exxon Corp.,
blue, 1976, certificates of < 10.000 shares, price: 23 Euro.
Vignette: interesting modern style drawing of a nude man sitting in the universe with arms stretched out. See picture of fragment or click here for picture of entire certificate.

Fund of letters, Inc., Dealaware law, 100 shares, blue border, 1960 and 1970, vignette: man with bare breast before city, power station and road tunnel, 23 Euro.

General Instrument Corporation
Incorporated in 1967 under Delaware law; print: Security-Columbian Banknote Co.; > 100 shares common stock, brown border, 1982; 9 by 6 cm. vignette of an almost nude male amidst instruments, in front of a city skyline, staple traces near, but not through, vignette, unfolded, 45 Euro.

Hercules Incorporated
Inc. under Delaware law, USA, in 1912; head quarters in Wilmington, Delaware, now a world wide operating chemical company ( with also a facility in Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands;  8,75 % 5,000 $ note, 1975, due 1983; brown border, print: Security-Columbia Banknote Co.; 9 by 5 cm engraving of the Greek hero Hercules, wearing a lion's had as a head cap and a club on his shoulder; facsimile signatures by S.R. Clarke (treasurer) and Werner C. Brown (president), not for sale / niet te koop.

International Telephone and Telegraph Corp.
Incorporated in 1920 under Maryland law;
The certificates below  all have vignette  informally known as Carlson-Electronic Series #1, engraved in 1958 by ABNC's Kenneth Guy. Sven Ohrvel Carlson was a many-sided artist (musician, sculptor and painter),  who painted for ABNC a series of  four so called "space age" or "electronic" paintings (see Tomasko, 2002).
---------- 1970's, purple, 100 shares, 15 Euro.
---------- 1960, < 100 shares, black border,  several minor staple holes in engraving, price 25 Euro.
----------  1965, 100 shares, blue border, red overprint: "this certificate represents Common Stock" , EF, unfolded, 2 very minor staple pinholes, price 25 Euro.

Jones & Laughin Industries, Inc., Delaware, USA, 6 3/4% subordinate debenditure, April 1st 1994, issued May 4th 1977, blue border, hole cancelled and small staple hole tear through top of vignette, price 23 Euro.
Vignette: semi nude male in front of a plant, 9 nuclei with electrons, and Einsteins famous formula on the conservation of energy: E = Mc2. See picture of Vignette.


Marathon Manufacturing Company
certificate of 100 shares, 1970s, orange border and 6,5 by 5,5 cm. engraving of a muscular man holding a burning torch and globe in front of 2 Greek buildings, at his feet a laurel wreath of olive twigs; print: Security Columbian Banknote Co.; condition EF: unfolded, no staple traces, no cancellation stamp, price 25 Euro.
Incorporated in 1969 under Delaware law, USA; The company was founded by Howard Terry, originally as Business Funds Inc. It built oil rigs world wide. The company also owned the John Brown Shipyards that once built the HMS Hood, the Queen Elisabeth, and QE2. Later the company was acquired by Penn Central Corporation during its diversification phase (Source: Collectible Stocks and Bonds).


In 490 BC the people of Athens (now the capital of Greece) gained (under leadership of Miltiades) the victory over their enemies, the Persians (under leadership of Datis) in the battle of Marathon, a small site on the north east coast of Attica. A messenger (the soldier Pheidippides) ran so quickly to Athens (ca. 40 km away) to bring the good news that he died upon arrival. This "Marathon walk" has always remained part of the Olympic Games, over a measure of 40,195  meters. (source: ENSIE, part X).



click on picture for enlargement

Pennzoil United, Inc,
vignette: seated semi nude man holding chemical equipment, before oil installations
---------- 1971-1996, blue border, 5,25% debenditure, 1971, unfolded, no staple traces, EF, 25 Euro.
The certificates below have a red overprint: "name changed to Pennzoil Company";
----------  51/4 % loan 1972-96, orange border, $ 1000, staple traces, 25 Euro
----------  51/4 % loan 1972-96, purple border, $ 10.000,  staple traces, 17 Euro
In March 2002 The Royal Dutch / Shell group took over the USA based Pennzoil-Quaker State oil company. It paid1,8 billion $ and took over 1,1 billion $ debts. Pennzoil is the largest producer of lubricants in the world. Royal Dutch paid shareholders of Pennzoil a 42% premium on the latest stock price !

Perfect Film & Chemical Corporation
Incorporated in 1937; 1967, 100 Shares, green border; 12 * 6 cm vignette of almost nude man sitting in front of city & harbour with ship and trains, 50 Euro.

Rexall Drug and Chemical Comp., vignette: 2 male allegorical, almost nude figures, bordering a Rexall Logo and a pestle and mortar,
---------- 1966, 100 shares, blue border, overprint in red: "this certificate represents shares of common stock", 25 Euro
----------1962, < 100 shares,  brown border, no red overprint, some faint stains, 16 Euro

Signode Corporation
1968, Certificate of 100 shares in the name of Schwabacher & Co., green border, print: ABNC; vignette: almost nude, muscular man in front of machinery, similar to the engraving of Signode Steel Strapping Comp. below, EF: unfolded; price 45 Euro.

Signode Steel Strapping Comp.
1961, certificate of  4 shares in the name of W. A. and A.M. White, 20 Broad st. New York, print: ABNC; blue border, incorp. under laws of Delaware,  vignette: almost nude, muscular man in front of machinery, similar to the engraving of Signode Corp. above; VF: unfolded, sevral staple traces; price 45 Euro.

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