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Distriart N.V.,
Oostende, 1992, kapitaalsaandeel zonder nom. waarde (capital share without nominal value),

nr. 1 in a series of (16) art-design stocks, this one showing a photo by Liliane Vertessen, displaying a woman, seductively lying down and holding a whip. This photo she also used in one of her installations: bed with mirror.

Border and field are light green, see certificate, or detailed photo, price 35 Euro.

Distriart is an art galery, art shop and art publisher, established in 1987 as Gode Beheer. It's name was changed to Distriart in 1992.

This engraving of the American Banknote Company is depicted on stocks of the Appalachian Power Co., BT Mortgage Investors and the Ohio Power, Co. (see items below).

Appalachian Power Company
- 1971 , green border, 100 shares, price 25 €
- 1971, brown border, < 100 shares, price 25 €
- 1987, orange border, 8 3/4% bond due 2017, cancelled, price 25€

BT Mortgage Investors
- 1971 (orange border) , < 100 shares, orange, various staple traces, 15 Euro
- 1971 (blue border), 100 shares, various staple traces and damage, 10 Euro 

Ohio Power Company
- 1971, brown border, 7,72% cumul. preferred. stock, price 25 €.
- 1971, red border, < 100 shares, price 25 €
-1971, blue border, 100 shares, price 25 €

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You are here: home - scripophily - search by illustration - female beauty - sexy women

In 2011, during the 23rd Auktion für Historische Wertpapiere by Matthias Schmitt ([email protected]) 100 different stocks with beautiful women were auctioned from the collection of Marc-Edouard Emay, who composed a 45 p. booklet (A4-size format) : "Geil....heit auf Aktien" with enlarged engravings and photo's of women depicted on the stocks. ISBN-10: 3-00-019135-4 or ISBN-13: 978-3-00-019315-6. This booklet costs ca. € 12 and may be ordered through Matthias Schmitt.

Geil....heit auf Aktien