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Holland America Line
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(update: June 13th 2013)

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StatendamSource: collection of mr. Schotman

Holland-Amerika Lijn - HAL (N.V. Gemeenschappelijk eigendom van Aandelen Holland-Amerika Lijn),
(voorheen Nederlandsch-Amerikaansche Stoomvaart Maatschappij - NASM, Amsterdam); Opgericht op 28-6-1915; Bewijs van aandeel no. 0623 groot f 500 aan toonder; Rotterdam, 1915 (het oprichtingsjaar van de HAL), paarse jugenstil rand en grote afbeelding van het schip De Statendam; Dit betreft de beroemde Statendam-II. Het schip werd tijdens de afbouw in 1916 in beslag genomen door de Britse marine en als troepenschip onder de naam Justicia ingezet. In 1917 is het schip getroffen door Duitse torpedo's en gezonken. De Statendam II heeft nooit voor de Holland Amerika Lijn gevaren
Afm. 29 x 20 cm., met coupons 12 t/m 22, niet ontwaard; druk: Stefanus Mostert & Zonen-Rotterdam; niet te koop / not for sale.

A hort history of the Holland america Line:
In 1871 Anton Plate and Otto Reuchlin established Plate, Reuchlin & Co. in Rotterdam in order to operate a steam ship line (with 2 ships) to America for both cargo and passengers. Partly made possible by a DGL 600.000 financial injection by the famous Groninger entrepeneur W.A. Scholten, the company was restructured in 1873 to a limited liability company called the N.V. Nederlands-Amerikaanse Stoomvaart-Maatschappij, now with a capital of DGL 6 million. See their shares. One of the new ships was called the W.A. Scholten. Another new ship was baptised P. Calland, after the protagonist of the Nieuwe Waterweg (opened in 1875), the water gateway that boosted Rotterdam as major Duch harbour. The ships docked at the still famous Wilhelminakade in Rotterdam, where the company built a large hotel "New York" which could cheaply accomodate some 900 passengers, who could conveniently await departure in this building. From 1882 onwards some ships would also sail from Amsterdam, as is exemplified by a very Dutch poster. In 1896 the company extended its name to N.V. Nederlands-Amerikaanse Stoomvaart-Maatschappij "Holland-Amerika Lijn", for short in common speech HAL or Holland Amerika Lijn or in English: Holland-America Line. See their shares. In 1901 the company took its head quarters in a beautiful building at the Wilhelminakade, nowadays exploited as the new Hotel New York. Between 1890 and 1924 1,5 million emigrants were brought to the America's by ships of the company. Only in 1973 the name was shortened to Holland Amerika Lijn N.V., without the hyphen. In 1971 the passenger line stopped and in 1975 the transport division was sold. The focus of the company was now on passenger cruises, an activity that went back already to 1895 and a second leisure cruise from New York to the Holy Land in 1910. In 1989 the company was sold for f 1,2 miljard (1,2 billion Duch Guilders) to Carnival Corporation & plc. the largest cruise line in the world and the ships have now Fort Lauderdale in Florida as home harbour of what is now called: Holland America Line Inc. But nowadays the HAL Inc. European head quarters are again established at the Wilhelminakade in Rotterdam. Most of the ships sail again under Dutch flag and with Dutch crew Officers.
With the money of the sale to Carnival Corp. the Dutch stock holders started an investment company, HAL Holding, all shares of which are held by HAL Trust, which is listed on the stock exchange Euronext in Amsterdam and is doing very well. Most shares are held by the very rich founder family van der Vorm, a family quoted in the Dutch Quote 500 of 2007 as the 3rd richest in the country with an estimated fortune of 3,9 miljard Euro (3,9 billion Euro's).

See a list of all ships ever built for the HAL.
Many ship photo's will be found here, both of the ships and their fantastic interiors.

literature / literatuur:
----- VVOV Mededelingenblad maart 1982, p. 3-7, met 3 afb.

Cruises may have their own intrinsic problems: see the video !

Material for sale:
---------- 4 pages with detailed and extensive historic HAL-documentation (in English) from around 1950, with photo's of the "Nieuw Amsterdam", de "W.A. Scholten", the "Rijndam"', and an airial view of the HAL-premises at the Wilhelminakade (Wilhelmina quay) in Rotterdam: 4 pages of professional copies on 160 g. cream paper.This is not a stock !, price 12 Euro.

Compagnie Franco-Hollando-Americaine, S.A., siege social a Boulogne-S/-Mer, 1905, action de 500 Fr., no. 108 (or lower), # = only 600, green-beige with blue ornate border, couponsheet still attached, no. 10-20, EF, unfolded, 45 Euro.
The certificate has a black round tax stamp and several pink stamps, which are here translated into English:
1950: The capital is raised to 9 million Francs and the value of the share to 15.000 Fr.
1951: The name of the company has changed to HOLLAND-AMERICA LINE (France).
1956: a new inscription in the register
1959: Capital change to 120.000 New Francs and value of the share to 200 New Francs.

Sikkens Lakfabrieken
Sassenheim (ZH), brief uit 1959 i.v.m. de ingebruikstelling van het vlaggenschip de Rotterdam van de HAL., waarbij RDM directeur Ir. B. van der Pols een koninklijke onderscheiding kreeg; afb. SIKKENS in rood veld, 2 archiefgaten,  prijs 15 Euro.

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