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Austria Flugverkehrs AG (= precursor of the AUA), Wien, 8-8-1923, 25 Aktien ueber 1000 Kronen, green/black, Art Deco border, Small vignette of double decker plane in front of globe; same illustration very large in underprint; same on small white relief seal. See picture.
Beautiful piece, uncancelled with complete coupon sheet,  VF but professionally taped 2cm tear in white of right hand border (hardly visible when framed) and 2 tiny tears (0,25 and 0,5 cm) in white of left border, not visible when framed, Price 295 euro.

Compagnie des Eaux  de Vienne S.A., Bruxelles 1903,
1) --- Script au porteur, representatif du Prorata d'un coupon No 15 d'obligatotion 4,5%   no. 24565 du 16 avril au 9 mai 1902 - 1 fr. 50, brown border on blue paper. See picture
2) ---  Recu un coupon No 15 d'obligation 4,5% no. 24565 contre lequel il y a ete deja remis au porteur un script de 1 fr. 50, brown border on blue paper.
Piece no. 2 is the receipt for a bond coupon, which coupon was exchanged for a script (piece no. 1).
Price of both pieces together: Price 68 Euro

Credit-Anstalt für Handel und Gewerbe, Wien, 1926, share of 40 Sh., (condition not nice), price € 3.

Oesterreichische Aktiengesellschaft der Hotels und Kuranstalten Abbazia in Wien, 4,5% Hypothekaranleihe im Betrage von 8 millionen Kr., 1000 Kr., 1910/1911, Price 75 Euro.
Beautiful Vignette: large (20 by 6 cm) photo of the sea side resort Opatja on the Adriatic Sea, and 2 smaller (3 by 5 cm) photo's of 2 hotels. See picture of top half.

Rhombus Verlags-Aktiengesellschaft, Wien, 16-3-1921, brown, 5 Aktien je K 200, Price 36 Euro. Rhombus Verlags-Aktiengesellschaft, Wien, 1922, blue, 25 Aktien je K 200,pink stamp: Bezugsgerecht, 1922 ausgeubt; green stamp: Bezugsrecht 1924 ausgeubt, Price 36 Euro.

Staatsschuldverschreibung, 5 % ?, 100 Gulden, Vienna / Wien, 1868 1 blue and 1 red stamp from the Austrian and Belgian banking and control committees, (very decorative border with women, weapon's and angels), condition F/VF, price  9 Euro.

Trifailer Kohlenwerks-Gesellschaft / Societe des Charbonnages de Trifail, Wien / Vienna, 1923, Aktie 200 Kronen, (on the inside is also a description in a Slavic language), Price € 39.

Verlagsanstalt "Herold", Wien, 24-6-1926, Aktie 10 sh, black-green border, green vigntte in underprint, see picture, EF. one vertical fold, price 95 Euro.

Wolford A.G.
Bregenz, Austria (Österreich / Oostenrijk), 1995; Lady Aktie über 100 Shilling; with multicoloured and gold printed painting by the famous Austrian Jugendstil painter Gustav Klimt; without coupons: 21 x 15 cm.; with coupons no. 7-19: 21 x 35 cm. The bonds are listed on the bourses of Vienna (Wien) and Paris. Condition: UNC = printer fresh; a beauty to frame ! Uncancelled, Price € 150.
The women in armour depicted on the left is the Greek Goddess Palas Athene. Read more about her in our Mythology Section under "Athene" .

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Wolford AG was established in 1949 in Bregenz am Bodensee, Austria.
The Company is a marketer and manufacturer of hosiery, lingerie and women's fashion.
It operates a large number of fashion shops world wide: read more !

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