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Ewing Oil C0. fake share certificate

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Invincible Oil Co., click on the engraving for the entire certificate. Not for sale here.

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Some history:
In 1859 Colonel Drake drilled the first oil well in Titusville, Pensylvania, USA. Ignacy Łukasiewicz is the inventor of the refining of kerosene from crude oil.

About Petroleum ( From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, November 27th 2008)

Petroleum (from Medieval Latin petroleum, from Greek πετρα (petra) - stone, ολέον – oil; in ancient greek πετρέλαιον (petrelaion) πετρα + έλαιον (elaion) "olive oil, any oily substance".) or crude oil is a naturally occurring liquid found in formations in the Earth consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons (mostly alkanes) of various lengths. The approximate length range is C5H12 to C18H38. Any shorter hydrocarbons are considered natural gas or natural gas liquids, while longer hydrocarbon chains are more solid, and the longest chains are coal. In its naturally occurring form, it may contain other nonmetallic elements such as sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen. It is usually black or dark brown (although it may be yellowish or even greenish) but varies greatly in appearance, depending on its composition. Crude oil may also be found in semi-solid form mixed with sand, as in the Athabasca oil sands in Canada, where it may be referred to as crude bitumen.

Petroleum is used mostly, by volume, for producing fuel oil and gasoline (petrol), both important "primary energy" sources. 84% (37 of 42 gallons in a typical barrel) of the hydrocarbons present in petroleum is converted into energy-rich fuels (petroleum-based fuels), including gasoline, diesel, jet, heating, and other fuel oils, and liquefied petroleum gas.

Plannen voor de aanleg van een grote noord-zuid oliepijplijn door o.a. indianen-gebieden levert enorm veel weerstand op in Amerika

oliepijpleidingen aanleggen in de USA
klik op de foto voor een vergroting

Amerada Hess Corp., 6,75% bond due 1996, 1971, $ 10.000, red, 43 Euro.
Vignette: elegant woman holding a Caduceus, a globe, chemical plant, gas station with gas truck and a ship.

Coastal States Gas production Co., 100 shares, 1969-71, brown border,  23 Euro.
vignette: man carrying pipe on his shoulder, 2 draglines carrying pipes

American Natural Gas Corp., (Delaware), certificate of 10 shares, issued in Amsterdam, 1928; idem > 100Sh, purple, 1976, 7 Euro

Baker International Corporation, share certificate 1978  

Baker International Corporation

Stock certificate for less than 100,000 shares, 1978

With a vignette of an oil worker holding the company's product in front of a refinery and oil fields.  Baker name is placed across a globe of the earth. 

<-- Click on photo for enlargement. The white left border is not scanned due to the small scanner.

- share certificate Nr. L8652, price € 15
- share certificate Nr. CM22625, price € 15

Some history of tehe company:

- Mr. Baker had arrived in the California oilfield in 1895 with 95 cents in his pocket and dreams of making his fortune in the Los Angeles oil boom. Subsequently, he hauled oil for drillers with a team of horses and became a drilling contractor and an oil wildcatter before achieving success as an innovator in oilfield equipment.
- In July 1907, Reuben C. Baker, a 34 year-old inventor and entrepreneur in Coalinga, California, was granted a U.S. patent for a casing shoe that enabled drillers to efficiently run casing and cement it in oil wells, what revolutionized cable tool drilling.
- On March 26 1913, Baker formed Baker International Corp., incorporated in California, as is indicated in the seal of the 1978 share cerificates.
- In 1928, Baker Casing Shoe Company changed its name to Baker Oil Tools, Inc., to reflect its product line of completion, cementing and fishing equipment.
- In early 1956, during one of the most successful periods in the company's history, Reuben C. Baker retired as President of Baker Oil Tools. A few weeks later, he died after a brief illness at the age of 85 and was succeeded by his long-time associate Ted Sutter.
- Baker formed Baker International Corp., incorporated on March 26 1913 in California, as is indicated in the seal of the 1978 share cerificates.
- In 1987 Baker International acquired and merged with Hughes Tool Company to form Baker Hughes Incorporated
- Shortly after in 1992 Baker Hughes acquired Christensen Diamond Products and merged it with Hughes Tool Company to form the drilling and evaluation division, Hughes Christensen.
- Baker Hughes is one of the world's largest oilfield services companies. It operates in over 90 countries, providing the oil and gas industry with products and services for drilling, formation evaluation, completion, production and reservoir consulting.
- In November 2014 Halliburton proposed the acquisition of Baker Hughes, which would unite the second and third largest U.S. providers of oil field services. Baker Hughes' board of Directors accepted the offer, a merger deal valued at $34.6 Billion.
- INTEQ also originally incorporated the drilling fluids division of Baker Hughes which consisted of Milpark and others. This division was called 'INTEQ drilling fluids' which provided the premier brands in oil and gas well drilling muds and wellbore cleaning fluids.

(I realise that you may find several apparent inconsistencies in the above. Any corrections in this history would be appreciated: mail to me here )

Source: (Eric Drum), May 27th 2017.

Baruch Oil Corporation, 1956, x shares of 10 c, no 26491, brown border on yellow, staple holes in left border, punched character cancellaation, blue pencil figures in upper border, 23 Euro.

Baruch - Foster Corp., 1970, brown, Vignette: BFC logo, flanked by man and woman, 16 Euro.

Baruch - Foster Corp., 1980, orange, large orange vignetteof oil tower, little tear and stain on the left, 23 Euro.

Caltex Oil Company
Incorporated in 1906 under the laws of  the state of Nevada (USA); capital stock: 2,5 million $; bearer certificate of odd (=20) shares, New York, 1919, issued  by the Commercial Trust Company of New York and originally signed by its treasurer; blue border and field; print: Hamilton Bank  Note Co., N.Y.;  British red tax stamp of 4 shillings printed and embossed; coupon sheet attached, with coupons 2-20 remaining; uncancelled;  On the back side the company president and secretary originally sign that  the Caltex certificates are deposited with teh Commercial Trust Company., 3 small tears in upper border, price 50 Euro.

Central Public Service Corporation, certificate, 25 by 18 cm, + attached coupon sheet, of ten shares class A stock, without nominal value, orange / green decorative border, with orange printed seal, issued in Amsterdam, 1929, 50 Euro.
This company is a daughter of the Central Public Utility Corporation

Central Public Utility Corporation, certificate for 10 shares class A stock, without nominal value,25 by 18 cm, + coupon sheet, issued in Amsterdam, 1925 -1933, green decorative border, orange printed tax seal, 15 Euro
Established in 1932 under Delaware law as a result of the reorganization of her daughter company, the Central Public Service Corp. She gained control over this central Public Service Corp. and over the Consolidated Electric & Gas Company.

Century Natural Gass & Oil Corp, green, 1960, x shares, Delaware, vignette of eagle, 12 Euro.

Columbia Gas System, Inc., 100 shares, orange, 1970, vignette: elegant lady sitting in front of oilfield with drilling towers, (figures stamped over vignette), 12 Euro

Continental Oil Company, incorp. in Delaware, USA, 9 1/8th % debenditure 1986-1999, 10.000 $, green border, large vignette (3 by 2 inches = 13 by 4,5 cms) of oil towers, storage tanks, tanker freigh train with steam loc, flanked by 2 semi-nude males, 45 Euro.

Ewing Oil C0. certificate

Ewing Oil Company,

----- Dallas, Texas, 1979, fake certificate of 100 shares, green border: This certificate is just a momento of the TV soap Dallas; the company did not exist in reality. It shows 7 photos of the Ewing family and their ranch, with facsimiule "signatures" of JR and Jack Ewing, measuring ca. 30,5 x 20,5 cm; Sold out / Verkocht.

----- Dallas, Texas, 1980, fake certificate of 100 shares, brown border, This certificate is just a momento of the TV soap Dallas; the company did not exist in reality. It shows a portrait of JR Ewing and oil drill towers, measuring ca. 30,5 x 20,5 cm; price € 30.

Ewing Oil certificate, green border


Exxon Corp.,
blue, 1976, certificates of < 10.000 shares, price: 23 Euro.
Vignette: interesting modern style drawing of a nude man sitting in the universe with arms stretched out. See picture of fragment or click here for picture of entire certificate.

Fina: see Belgium.

Galveston-Houston Company,
Incorporated  in 1936 under Delaware law, as a reorganisation of the former Galveston-Houston Electric Company (see further under that heading for their stocks !). Originally the company ran electric streetcars in Houston and Galveston and an interurban railway between these cities (see for history and photos of these streetcars the beautiful web site: The company still exists A.D. 2002, but is now in a completely different business: manifacturing equipment for the mining and oil drilling industry (source: Steven M. Baron, Lexington, USA).
---------- 1930's, Common Stock Scrip, light blue border on blue,  28,5 by 20 cm,  price 100 Euro.
---------- 1930's, x shares, dark green border on green, 28 by 19,5 cm, ABNC, 25 Euro.
---------- 1940's, x shares of 5 $ each, orange border on orange, 28 by 20 cm, ABNC, 25 Euro.
---------- 1952, x shares, green border on green, 20,5 by 31 cm, corporate seal 1936, 25 Euro.
---------- 1950's, x shares, orange border on yellow field, corporate seal 1936,28 by 21 cm, 25 Euro.
---------- 1960's, x shares, green border on green, corporate seal 1936, 31 by 20,5 cm,  25 Euro.

Hess Oil & Chemical Corp., green,1969, 100 shares, 34 Euro.
Large vignette: Oil truck with the name Hess, harbour with ship named hess Trader, chemical plant and alegorical man.

Royal Dutch Petroleum Comp., share from 1977

Koninklijke Nederlandsche Petroleum Maatschappij (Royal Dutch petroleum Comp.).
This famous Dutch company forms together with the UK-based Shell Transport and Trading Company the "Royal Dutch / Shell Group"
transferable in New York, vignette with oil refinery, god of the trade Mercury and goddess Fortuna,
Blue border, 100 shares, unfolded, VF, hole cancelled, 1960-ies and 1970-ies, See picture  , 15 Euro .
----- same, brown border, x shares, 23 Euro
----- same, orange border, 1970-ies, 20 Euro

Marathon Manufacturing Company
Incorporated in 1969 under Delaware law, USA; The company was founded by Howard Terry, originally as Business Funds Inc. It built oil rigs world wide. The company also owned the John Brown Shipyards that once built the HMS Hood, the Queen Elisabeth, and QE2. Later the company was acquired by Penn Central Corporation during its diversification phase (Source: Collectible Stocks and Bonds).
certificate of 100 shares, 1970s, orange border and 6,5 by 5,5 cm. engraving of a muscular man holding a burning torch and globe in front of 2 Greek buildings, at his feet a laurel wreath of olive twigs; print: Security Columbian Banknote Co.; condition EF: unfolded, no staple traces, no cancellation stamp, price 25 Euro.
In 490 BC the people of Athens (now the capital of Greece) gained (under leadership of Miltiades) the victory over their enemies, the Persians (under leadership of Datis) in the battle of Marathon, a small site on the north east coast of Attica. A messenger ran so quickly to Athens (about 40 km away) to bring the good news that he died upon arrival. This "Marathon walk" has always remained part of the Olympic Games, over a measure of 40,195  meters. (source: ENSIE, part X).

Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation, certificaat van 10 aandelen van $ 10, blankette, EF, issued in Amsterdam 1934,12 Euro

New England Oil Corp, green, certificate of 100 shares, 1921, laws of Virginia, USA, print ABNC, dark green border on light green; "'COMMON"' in red print, cancelled, origin. sign. of president D. Cox and treasurer Samuel Vaughan; in the name of Louis  Rosenfield; 2 small rusted staple holes, cancelled. Price: 25 Euro.

Pennzoil United, Inc,
vignette: seated semi nude man holding chemical equipment, before oil installations
---------- 1971-1996, blue border, 5,25% debenditure, 1971, unfolded, no staple traces, EF, 25 Euro.
The certificates below have a red overprint: "name changed to Pennzoil Company";
----------  51/4 % loan 1972-96, orange border, $ 1000, staple traces, 25 Euro
----------  51/4 % loan 1972-96, purple border, $ 10.000,  staple traces, 17 Euro
In March 2002 The Royal Dutch / Shell group took over the USA based Pennzoil-Quaker State oil company. It paid 1,8 billion $ and took over 1,1 billion $ debts. Pennzoil is the largest producer of lubricants in the world. Royal Dutch paid shareholders of Pennzoil a 42% premium on the latest stock price !

Philips Petroleum Comp.
---------- 7 5/8% debenditure, Delaware, 1974, vignette(olive color), $ 10.000, 12 Euro.
---------- 7 5/8% debenditure, Delaware, 1974-2001, vignette,(red) , $ 1000, 12 Euro.
---------- 7 5/8% debenditure, Delaware, 1977-2001 (blue), $ 50.000, letters printed over vignette, 7 Euro.

Richfield Oil Corp., blue, 1965, 100 shares, beautiful vignette: drill towers and oiltanks and beach with ship, at the side a bare breasted lady and young man, 34 Euro.

Shell Oil Company

Incorporated in Delaware, USA
Certificates measuring ca. 21 cm x 30,5 cm (one inch is ca. 2,5 cm).

No longer Royal Dutch for Shell Plc.
Dec. 10th 2021, shareholders agreed to move the headquarter and fiscal base of Royal Shell Plc. from The Hague (The Netherlands) to London (UK).
The UK does not know a 15% dividend tax like The Netherlands do.
Shell was formed in 1907 through the merger of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. (Koninklijke Nederlandse Petroleum Mij.) based in The Netherlands, and the Shell Transport and Trading Company.

Shell Oil Company is its principal subsidiary in the USA.

shell Oil gravure zittende goden

Vignette: Shell logo (= a shell) flanked by 2 sitting allegorical figures.

Orange border:
--------- certificate of < 100.000 shares, SX 9064, 1980, unfolded, small staple traces, Price € 25

Vignette: Shell logo (= a shell) flanked by 2 standing allegorical figures
Brown border
---------- 8,75 % debenditure , 1979, staple traces, Price: 25 Euro

Sinclair Oil Corp, 100sh, yellow, New York, 1967, vignette of oil refinery, flanked by sitting man and woman, 23 Euro.

South American Oil Comp., blouw 192. (blankette); oranje en bruin (ook blankettes)

Sunray DX Oil Comp., green 1965, 100 shares, vignette: drill towers, retorts, factory, train and god, 16 Euro.

Standard Oil (from John Rockefeller)
Standard Oil's first refinery -1870
Standard Oil's first refinery (from ca. 1870) in Walworth Run, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
(source: Western Reserve Historical Society)

Texas Eastern Transmission Corp., 8,5% debenditure, due 1989, rose red, 7 Euro
Vignette: man handling pipe shutter-wheel; chemical plant in the background; stamp "5000" through vignette.

Texas Gulf Sulphur, Texas, brown, x shares, 1970

Universal Oil Products Company
Incorporated under Delaware law in 1958; print: Security-Columbian Banknote Company; 10 by 6 cm vignette of semi nude male in front of train, ship, oil towers and refinery.
---------- 100 shares, green border, 1970-ies, 25 Euro.
---------- x shares, blue border, 1975, 45 Euro.

Washington gas light company, a corp. of the district of Columbia and Virginia, 3 vignettes, left: a blacksmith, Right: a memorial, Centre: 11 by 7 cm engraving of a factory with several persons in front, 2 of which are horse riding, several different types and qualities, but all unfolded and clean: see picture
--- 100 shares, olive, 1971, cancell. stamp on Right vignette,12 Euro
---  100 shares, olive, 1973, no stamp on vignette, 23 Euro
--- < 100 shares, brown, 1971, no stamp on vignette, 23 Euro
---< 100 shares, green, 1965, no stamp on vignette, 23 Euro
--- 100 shares, green, 1974, no stamp on vignette, 23 Euro
X shares, olive green, 1961, no stamp on vignette, 23 Euro
> 100 shares, olive green, 1977, letter perforation through Right vignette,12 Euro
100 shares, light orange, 1966, cancell. stamp on right vignette, 12 Euro
100 shares, red, 1975, cancell. stamp on right vignette, 23 Euro
100 shares, orange, 1973, cancell stamp on right vignette, 23 Euro

Wilshire Oil Company of Texas
Incorporated under Delaware law in 1951; print: Security-Columbian Banknote Co.; 5 by 5 cm abstract logo of oil towers and blue flame;
---------- blue border, 1969, 100 shares, UNC, unfolded, no staple traces, 30 Euro
---------- brown border, 1968, < 100 shares, VF+, unfolded, some staple traces, 30 Euro.

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