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Some history:
In 1859 Colonel Drake drilled the first oil well in Titusville, Pensylvania, USA. Ignacy Łukasiewicz is the inventor of the refining of kerosene from crude oil.

About Petroleum ( From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, November 27th 2008)

Petroleum (from Medieval Latin petroleum, from Greek πετρα (petra) - stone, ολέον – oil; in ancient greek πετρέλαιον (petrelaion) πετρα + έλαιον (elaion) "olive oil, any oily substance".) or crude oil is a naturally occurring liquid found in formations in the Earth consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons (mostly alkanes) of various lengths. The approximate length range is C5H12 to C18H38. Any shorter hydrocarbons are considered natural gas or natural gas liquids, while longer hydrocarbon chains are more solid, and the longest chains are coal. In its naturally occurring form, it may contain other nonmetallic elements such as sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen. It is usually black or dark brown (although it may be yellowish or even greenish) but varies greatly in appearance, depending on its composition. Crude oil may also be found in semi-solid form mixed with sand, as in the Athabasca oil sands in Canada, where it may be referred to as crude bitumen.

Petroleum is used mostly, by volume, for producing fuel oil and gasoline (petrol), both important "primary energy" sources. 84% (37 of 42 gallons in a typical barrel) of the hydrocarbons present in petroleum is converted into energy-rich fuels (petroleum-based fuels), including gasoline, diesel, jet, heating, and other fuel oils, and liquefied petroleum gas.

Belgo-Caucasienne des Pétroles et du Commerce SA, established on March 6th 1922, Bruxelles (siege social), Action de 250 Fr, orig. sign., blue-grey decorative border, 2 tax stamps, 2 long cancellation stamps + 2 large rectangular stamps; print: Imp.IndustrielleFinanciere, 4, rue de Berlaimont, Bruxelles; 23 Euro .

Belgoléa S.A., Pétrolifière et Minière, Part de fondateur, brown border on green field, oil towers in underprint, print: Etabl. O. de Rijker SA, Brussel 1927, price: 12 Euro.

Pétroles de Borislaw SA, established May 23rd 1905; seat: Antwerp, Action de Capital de 100 Fr. print: J. Verschueren-Anvers, brown decorative border, 2 tax stamps, unfolded, in L upper corener traces ao a small sticker;
----- 1913, capital 7 million, 23 Euro
----- 1920, capital 10 million, 23 Euro

Pétroles Roumains, Société Auxiliaire des
Established November 5th 1920, Bruxelles, action de Capitale de 500 Fr. au porteur, 1923, print: J.Colassin & Co. du Borgval, 22 Bruxelles, red/orange border, green text on orange pattern, stamp from 1924 with a capital raise of 3 to 5 million, Price: 19 Euro.

Pétrolifère et Minière BELGOLEA, established in Brussels in 1927, (oil towers in underprint; as new), price € 7.

West Canadian Oil & Gas Ltd., established in 1950 in Calgary, Alberta, x shares, blue, 13-11-1958, 34 Euro.
Vignette: large vignette with oil truck approaching a bridge and oil tower field.


Pétrole Trust,

Action de 100 Francs au Porteur,

Paris, apres 1924,

(nice vignette of old oil towers),

measuring ca. 20 x 30 cm. complete coupon sheet attached,

condition EF: unfolded, except on fold with coupon sheet;

price 60 Euro.

  Petrole Trust, Action au porteur

Concordia, S.A. Roumaine pour l'Industrie du Petrole, action au porteur de 250 Lei, Bucarest, 1920, 7 Euro.

Creditul Minier

Zece actijni nominative representano suma de lei 5000, in the name of René Marcovici, Bucaresti, 1923; very decorative mining share certificate (ca. 20 x 35 cm + coupons attached) showing 2 work men and 4 engravings of industrial processes such as mining towers and an oil well spouting out oil into the air.

Price € 75.

  creditul Minier share certificate, Bucarest 1923

Petroleum-Maatschappij "ORION" 
te Ploesti (Roemenië), (tekst in Nederlands en Roemeens); opgericht 18-2-1910, Onder-Aandeel van 200 Lei, 1913, Nederlands oranje en Roemeens rood belastingstempel; groene sierrand, aanh. coupons, niet ontwaard, sorry, sold out ! / helaas uitverkocht !

Deze maatschappij is opgericht door de bekende Heerlense olie-industriëel Jan Koster (1875-1935), die met dit bedrijf later aansluiting zocht bij de Phoenix Oil and Transport Co. , waarvan hij bij oprichting vice-president werd. In 1918 was hij via zijn bedrijf Mijnbouwkundige Werken één van de mede-oprichters van het Hoogoven Staalbedrijf in Ijmuiden, waar hij commissaris werd.
English: Petroleum-Maatschappij "ORION" was established by the Dutch entrepeneur Jan Koster (1875-1935), who merged the company later with Phoenix Oil and Transport Co, where he acted as vice-president from the start. Through his company Mijnbouwkundige Werken he was one of the founders of the Hoogoven Staalbedrijf in Ijmuiden (Steelworks in Ijmuiden).

Rumeensche Petroleum-Matschappij "Amsterdam"
(Engl.: Rumanian Petrol Company "Amsterdam")
Amsterdam, 1897, oprichtersaandeel ( Engl.: founder share) , rechtgevende op 1/250e deel van de voordelen der oprichtersaandelen, # issued = 250 (rare !), Typ. en Lith. J.H. de Bussy, Amst.; afm. 25 bij 17 cm.; groene tekst en sierrand; condition EF: one fold and a little brownish on right border, complete coupon sheet attached, originally undersigned by director H. van Marle, price 50 €.
The company was extracting petroleum at Campina Poiana in the district of Prahova.

scripophily of Rumanian Oil Wells

For a short history and scripophily of Rumanian oil wells, click here !

Compañia Franco-Española de Petroléos, 1 accion à Pts 500, green, San Sebastian 1921, price 43 Euro.
Beautiful (9 by 7 cm) vignette of oil industry.

United Kingdom
Anglo-Belgian Petroleum Company
London, 1928; share warrant to bearer for five preferred shares; brown border on green field; British red imprinted tax stamp of 3 shillings; 3 black Belgian wet tax stamps; size: 29 by 24 cm.; 0,5 cm tear in upper border; complete coupon sheet, price 25  Euro.

(The) New Schibaieff Petroleum Company Ltd, London, certificate of £ 20 Sterling, issued in Amsterdam, 1913, grey / beige, with complete coupon sheet and declaration of rights-restauration: a final payment for this stock of 1,25 Guilders can still be obtained in Amsterdam, Euro 16

Phoenix Oil and Transport Company Ltd.
Nationale Trust Compagnie, certificaat van 25 aandelen, ieder groot 1 £ Sterling, in de Phoenix Oil and Transport Company Ltd., Londen, issued in Amsterdam, 1923, prijs 10 Euro.
Certificate of 25 shares of1 £, issued in Amsterdam by the Nationale Trust Compagnie in 1923.
The company was established on June 24th 1920 as a merger of the Anglo Continental Oil Company Ltd. and the Masterson Roumanian Oil Syndicate Ltd. In 1923 they got control over the Orion Petroeum Maatschappij and with that also over the Arnhemsche petroleum maatschappij, that was liquidated in that year. They also controlled "Unirea", S.A.R. de Petrol in Bukarest and with that the Roumanian Consolidated Oilfields Ltd. In 1946. They had 2 oil refineries in Ploesti, many other factories, pipe lines and  also storage facilities in the harbour of Constanza (source: Van Oss effectenboek 1945/'46).

Service Petroleum Company Ltd.
established in London UK); certificate of 100 ordinary shares of 1 Shilling each, issued in Amsterdam in 1928 by the administration office, established by G. Blancke & Zoon, Chemiet & Weetjen en van Vloten & Gijselaar; blue border and orange printed tax seal, size ca. 19 by 25 cm.; separate coupon sheet, condition EF: 1 faint vertical fold; price 50 €.

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