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Abacus Fund
Abacus Fund, Inc.
under Delaware law; 1960's; Certificate of 100 shares, ABNC print, orange border; 11 by 5 cm engraving  of 2 men next to an abacus (counting frame; NL.: telraam), used in ancient China and the classical world in Europe. It is still in use in parts of Asia (source: E.N.S.I.E., 1952, X, p. 3); price 25 Euro (teporarily unavailable !)

American Dual Vest Fund,
laws of Delaware,
----------- 1967, brown border, 100 shares, 34 Euro
-----------  1968, red border, 100 shares, vignette: graceful man and woman (holding globe), flanking 3 books, both one leg uncovered, print by Columbian Banknote Corp., 34 Euro
The name was changed per 7/2/'79 to ADV Fund Inc. On 4/16/'95 the name changed to WPG Growth & Income Fund Inc., which is managed by the famous firm of Weiss, Peck & Greer. Founded in 1970, Weiss, Peck & Greer, LLC, provides investment management, private equity, venture capital and clearing services. WPG is a unit of the Robeco Group, the asset management arm of Rabobank Nederland, which manages approximately $ 100 billion worldwide. (source:, 1999)

AngloCalifornian National Bank of San Francisco, 1947, blue, < 100 shares, 45 Euro
See beautiful vignette (15 by 5,5 cm) of a bank, traffic, a farm and 2 bare breasted women.

AngloCalifornian National Bank of San Francisco, 1947, green, 100 shares, 45 Euro
See beautiful vignette (15 by 5,5 cm) of a bank, traffic, a farm and 2 bare breasted women.

certificate of the Bank of America, 1845  

Bank of the United States of America:
Established in Philadelphia in 1816

Certificate in Dutch language, issued in the years 1841 - 1852 (items available here are from 1842, 1844 and 1845) in Amsterdam against original shares of 100$ each. The issuing bank was the very famous banking-group of Hope & Comp., Ketwich and Voombergh and the widow of Willem Borsky. Hope & Co. represented the Dutch or European shareholders in the US Bank when it ran into difficulties around 1841. Just like about 50% of all the USA banks did after the Panic of 1837, related , among other factors, to a sharp decline in cotton prices after a bubble in the prices of land, slaves and cotton in the years before.

The certificates are in condition EF, without folds, very clean and have an ornate border of the so called "music note" type (a type of security print). It measures: ca. 21 x 26 cm, with separate complete coupon sheet, Price 45 Euro. 

Literature (In Dutch):
- Bank der Vereenigde Staten = 6% Bank der Vereenigde Staten (Rothschild Loan), VVOF Mededelingenblad, december 1980, p. 16-17, 1 afb., 1 tabel, door ?
- Bank der Vereenigde Staten van Amerika, VVOF Mededelingenblad september 1980, p. 4-6, met 1 afb., door ?

Basic Resources International (Bahamas) Ltd,
groen, x shares, 1985

Baltimore National Bank. blue, 1944, 12€

Blue Ridge Mutual Fund, Inc.,
Delaware, 1950, certificate in the name of a person, but no. of shares not specified, hole cancelled over signature, orange border and vignette of eagle on rock, wings spread, 25 Euro.

BT Mortgage Investors
- 1971 (orange border) , < 100 shares, orange, various staple traces, 15 Euro
- 1971 (blue border), 100 shares, various staple traces and damage, 10 Euro 

Builders Investment Group share engraving of beautiful woman

Builders Investment Group,
Florida, 1970th ,
----------- ocre, warrant to purchase x shares, vignette: beautiful woman sitting in front of skyscrapers and landscape, punched character cancellation and number stamp, 15 Euro

Capitol Bank and Trust Company,
Boston, Massachusets, 1970, x shares, blue border, small logo of the capitol, printed seal with same logo, ABNC print, staple holes, 25 Euro
Chase Manhattan Bank (The), chartered in 1799
---------- 1958, 100 share, blue border; vignette: map of the USA and globe, blue seal with Greek god, EF, unfolded, 25 Euro.
---------- olive colour, <100 shares 1969, facsimile signature of chairman of the board of directors David Rockefeller, vignette: portrait of Salmon Portland Chase (1808-1873), 23 Euro.

Chase Manhattan Corporation ,
In 1933 the then largest bank in the world, the Chase National Bank (founded in 1877 by John Thompson), came under control of the Rockefeller family; In 1955 they merged with the Bank of Manhattan, also founded in 1877, and were now named Chase Manhattan Corporation.
---------- 100 shares, 1971, brown, facsimile signature of chairman of the board of directors David Rockefeller, vignette: portrait of  Salmon Portland Chase (1808-1873), EF, unfolded, 25 Euro.
---------- orange, x shares, 1969 vignette, facsimile signature of chairman of the board David Rockefeller and Michael E. Larson (secr), vignette: portrait of  Salmon Portland Chase (1808-1873), 23 Euro.

Circle Income Shares, Inc;
blue border, Indiana 1973, x shares, blue vignette of graceful lady, holding globe in front of city and road junction, large "cancelled" stamp, staple holes in left upper border, AB&C Co., 23 Euro

Commercial Credit Company,
1979, red border and vignette of eagle, wings spread, 4 3/4% bond note of $ 1000, right border irregular, large size, 15 Euro

County Bank & Trust Co. of Somerset,
Incorporated under laws of New Yersey
1968, x shares, nr. V 2781, brown border and contours of Somerset and 3 drawings: fisherman in mountain river, a farm, and a factory; Some glue remains on left border, unfolded, 45 Euro.

Cousins Mortgage and Equity Investments,
Georgia, 1970, yellow abstract company logo, brown border, cancell. by punched characters, 23 Euro

Eaton & Howard Balanced Fund,
Boston, 1960, green border and vignette: justice lady, flanked by 2 men; red over print text that par value is now $ 0,50 (in stead of 1 $), 43 Euro

The Equitable Trust Company of Baltimore
Capital of $ 1.250.000, divided in shares of 25$; certificate of odd shares issued in 1928, , no 4531`; 27 by 17 cm., 3 by 4,5 cm engraving of a light house + embossed stamp of the same; print: E.A. Wright Bank Note Co., Phila., price 50 Euro.

Eurofund, Inc.,
Maryland, USA, 1969,
---------- blue border, x shares, vignnette of graceful lady with world map and heaven with stars, punched characters, hole cancelled, unfolded, small pen trace in upper border, 50 Euro.
---------- red border, vignette: lady running and swinging her arms before world map, red overprint "name changed to Eurofund International Inc.", 23 Euro
---------- same, but without overprint, 23 Euro.
---------- orange border, 1965, vignette: map of Europe, highlighting the original 6 countries of the European Common Market, i.e. Benelux, France, Germany and Italy. An allegorical man and woman sit on each side of the map., print S.C.B. C0., several staple traces, but not in or near vignette, 45 Euro.

First Charter Financial Corp,
California, 100 shares, blue, 1978, Price: Euro 23
Vignette: bare breasted lady, 2 land houses and a hooded cart with trees; The IBBs Journal, nov 1997, p 11 comments that the woman's breasts are wrongly drawn. See picture

Fund of letters, Inc.,
Dealaware law, 100 shares, blue border, 1960 and 1970, vignette: man with bare breast before city, power station and road tunnel, 23 Euro 

General American Investors Company Inc.
Incorporated in 1928 under Delaware law; 1979, x shares, blue border; 8 by 6 cm vignette of almost nude man turning the "wheel of fortune" and several gods, amongst whom Mercury, god of the trade, 45 Euro.

General Investors Trust, groen, 1959, x shares, 23€

General Tin Investments, Ltd
(a British Corporation), American certificate, vignette: Eagle on rock, wings spreat, signed by Patino Mines & Enterprises consolidated (Incorporated), EF, unfolded, punched characters,
----- 100 shares, green border and vignette, 1961, 43 Euro.
----- x shares, red border and vignette, 1964, overprint in red: By merger Patino Mines & Enterprises Consolidated (Incorporated) is now The Southern Maryland Agricultural Association of Prince George's County, Maryland, Inc., 43 Euro 

Greenfield Real Estate Investment Trust,
established 20-12-1960, vignette: man with triangle, a pair of compasses, books, a globe and city skyline, x shares, unfolded cancellation stamp in lower corner, number written with red pen under company name, 34 Euro.

Heizer Corporation
Incorporated under Delaware law in 1968; x shares, 1980ies, blue borders; 7 by 6 cm vignette of an elegant woman sowing seeds in a field in front of a city skyline, symbolic for this (first public traded) venture capital firm. Read it's history, about mr. Edgar F. Heizer jr. (his facsimile signature as chairman is on the certificates) and about the Heizer Award. EF, unfolded, 15 Euro.

Independence Trust Shares,
green border, 1950, vignette: (broken) Bell of Independence from Phiadelphia in front of Independance Hall, print: Secure Banknot Co., 2 stock transfer stamps on the back, hole cancelled, unfolded, cancellation stamp, some staple traces, 57 Euro

Investment Trust of Boston,
x shares, 1962, blue border, Boston, Massachusets, blue vignette: large building, 34 Euro.

Irving Trust Company, State of New York, 100 shares, orange border, 1945, punched characters, staple traces, vignette: seated woman, old train and 2 paddle steamers, 43 Euro.

ITT Financial Corporation
Incorporated in Delaware in 1974; 10,000 $ bond in a 10,5% Senior Debenditure due October 1995; purple border; print ABNC; 9 by 6 cm. engraving of an elegant woman with globe before a city and country scene; price 25 Euro.

Lackawana Securities Company,
Delaware, 100 shares, orange border, 1927, no. 6243, original signatures, in the name of Fidelity-Phenix-Fine Insurance Co. of New York, EF, uncancelled, unfolded, vignette: allegorical woman + 2 men, 43 Euro 

The Lazard Fund, Inc., Maryland, 1967, blue border and vignette of: graceful lady with one bare leg, holding globe before high rise buildings, punched characters, 23 €

LehighIndustries & Investing Corporation,
laws of Delaware, incorporated 1961; 100 shares, 1962, orange border and uncommonly large illustration ( 19 by 11 cm) over the entire certificate: drilling towers, buildings, cranes, sand trucks, chemist at work, a launched rocket, chemical plant, print: security-columbian banknote comp., unfolded, staple traces in left corner and left borer, 75 Euro.

Livestock Financial Corporation, State of New York, 100 shares, 1963, green border, small vignette (3 by 3 cm.) with picture of Noah's ark., see picture, hole cancelled, unfolded, very clean, 34 Euro.

Maryland Trust Company,
certificate of x shares, no. 1758, Baltimore, 1900; Cancellation stamp and hole cancellation of original signatures (B. Fields and Robert.......; On the back 4 documentary stamps, of 5 c and 10 c; brown decorative border; vignette of 2 men, standing around maryland armour with text "Fatti Maschii Parole Femine", 45 Euro = f 99.

Massachusetts Investors Trust, 
incorporated 1924, certificate of beneficial interest, par value 1 $, green border, 1948, 3 stamps, cancelled, unissued, incorp. under Delaware law, vignette: map of Massachusets and Old State House in Boston, "cancelled" stamp,  34 Euro.

Mayflower Investors, Inc.,
(laws of Delaware), x shares (x= 1000), 1975, blue border. This certificate was run over by some black figure rolling device, making the certificate less than clean, but the very interesting vignette is unaffected, 57 Euro.
Vignette: beautiful vignette of the sailing ship Mayflower,  that brought the segregated protestant British settlers, called the Pilgrim Fathers, ashore in Massachusets in 1620,

Meadow Brook National Bank   The Meadow Brook National bank
Queens County,, New York City, N.Y., Organized in 1905; certificate of odd shares, issued in 1963; 4 by 4 cm. vignet of indian chief with eagle feathers and light blue printed seal with same picture; print: ABNC; blue border, Price 25 Euro.

Metro-Urban Investment Corporation,
x shares, blue/green border, 1975, Utah, incorporated in 1971, vignette: eagle on globe, wings spread out; transfer stamp over text, staple hole traces in left border, 23 Euro.

Northwestern Mutual Life Mortgage and Realty Investors,
1971, > 100 shares, rose border, vignette of elegant lady in front of town house and sky scrapers; 23 Euro.

One William Street Fund, Inc. (The),
green, 1963, Vignette: entrance of Lehman Brothers, their name above a door); 34 Euro 

Revenue Properties Company Limited,
certificate of x non-voting shares, 1981, brown border, vignette: elegant lady in front of city and countryside, holding a globe, some staple traces and hole cancellation, 23 Euro

Srpsko Amerikanske Banke (Serbian)
Serbian-American Bank (English)
Servisch-Amerikaanse Bank (NL)
Beograd (Engl. Belgrade), 1922; certificate of 10 shares of 1000 Dinars; beautiful certificate (drawn by the architect Milutinovic) with blue ornate border, coats of arms, flags, and 2 vignettes of a) the Statue of Liberty in the Hudson Bay (New York) and b) a church at the border of the river Danube in Belgrade. Serbian catalogue (2001) price indication 30-45 Euro; our price 30 Euro.

The Value Line Development Capital Corporation,
State of new York, 100 shares, green border, 1968, vignette: graceful lady, one leg uncovered, holding Company Logo in front of sky with Galaxy, print: Security-Columbian Banknote Company., 2 minor staple traces in top of vignette, 34 Euro.

Transcontinental Investing Corporation,
laws of Delaware, 1970,
------------ 100 shares, purple border, vignette: graceful lady with globe, surrounded by electron circles, unfolded, minor staple holes;
-----with black ink stains in lower left corner, 23 Euro ;
---- without stains, 34 Euro .
------------- 1970, purple, vignette on the characters TIC on USA map outlines., common stock, temporary certificate, exchangable for definitive engraved certificate when ready for delivery, 16 Euro.

The United States Freehold Land and Emigration Company
7 pecents 1e Hypothecaire Obligatie van 15 juli 1870, aflosbaar van 1874 - 1895.
Amsterdam, 1978, Certificaat van overname, no. 94, van  genoemde obligatie, groot 1000 $, met coupons van 1874 - 1895. afm. 17 bij 24,5 cm., druk: Stoomdrukkerij Loman, Kirberger & van Kesteren, paarse sierrand, 1 gedrukte en 2 originele handtekeningen, conditie VF: veel nietjessporen, miniem roestplekje, prijs 135 €.
English:  Dutch certificate, no. 94,  for the 7% 1st Mortgage Loan of 1870, due between 1874 and 1895.

Vestaur Securities, Inc.,
Delaware law, incorporated 1972,
----------- x shares, brown border, vignette: allegorical man and woman flanking a logo.Price 23 Euro
----------- x shares, orange, 1974, vignette: lady, one leg uncovered, holding globe and muscular, almost nude man, holding a sun dial, Price 43 Euro.

Wisconsin Investment Corp.,
Wisconsin Investment Co. share certificate

Wisconsin Investment Corp., 1930, 100 shares, orange border, large vignette of Justice Lady between 2 detailed globe-halves.
Left border cut of, leaving less white than normally, hole cancelled through signature, punched character cancellation,

Price 25 Euro.

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wisconsin Investment C0-egraving

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