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The Netherlands
Albert Heijn nv
gev. te Zaandam (N.H.); Bewijzen van X aandelen groot f 20 aan toonder; zeldzame SPECIMEN van de beroemde Koninklijke Drukkerijen Lankhout-Immig te Den Haag; afm. 18 bij 16 cm., incl. dividendblad; geel AH logo en 4 logo's in de randkleuren; conditie EF: drukfris, maar met 2 archiefgaten; prijs per aandeel 50 €.
Zaandam, 1968, met facsimile handtekening van lid van de raad van bestuur Albert Heijn.
----- Bewijs van 1 aandeel, blauw-bruin patroon
----- Bewijs van 5 aandelen, bruin patroon
----- Bewijs van 50 aandelen, groen-bruin patroon

Lees meer over de geschiedenis van Ahold op de website van de Stichting Albert Heijn Erfgoed.

Magazijn "De Bijenkorf", N.V.
Gev. te Amsterdam; niet royeerbaar certificaat aan toonder, Amsterdam 1952; afm. ca. 22 x 32 cm.; zeldzaam SPECIMEN uit de archieven van drukkerij De Bussy, conditie VF: 1 nette middenvouw, 2 archiefgaten in linker rand en rood specimen-stempel;
---------- voor f 200 in gewone aandelen; bruine sierrand, prijs € 75.
---------- voor f 1000 in gewone aandelen; blauwe sierrand, prijs € 75.

Vroom en Dreesman feestaandeel
klik om te vergroten

Vroom & Dreesman Nederland B.V..

Amsterdam, 1985, Feestaandeel, uitgegeven met het oog op het honderdjarig bestaan in 1987, met aanhangend 14 waardecoupons voor interessante tijdelijke aanbiedingen;

Afm. zonder coupons: A4; blauw-rode sierrand, conditie VF: 2 heel lichte vouwen en 1 ezelsoor.

Prijs € 50.


wolford aandeel

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Wolford A.G.

Bregenz, Austria (Österreich / Oostenrijk), 1995; Lady Aktie über 100 Shilling; with multicoloured and gold printed painting by the famous Austrian Jugendstil painter Gustav Klimt;
without coupons: 21 x 15 cm.; with coupons no. 7-19: 21 x 35 cm.

The bonds are listed on the bourses of Vienna (Wien) and Paris.

Condition: UNC = printer fresh; a beauty to frame ! Uncancelled,

Price € 150.

The women in armour depicted on the left is the Greek Goddess Palas Athene. Read more about her in our Mythology Section under "Athene" .

Wolford AG was established in 1949 in Bregenz am Bodensee, Austria.
The Company is a marketer and manufacturer of hosiery, lingerie and women's fashion.
It operates a large number of fashion shops world wide: read more !

Grands Magasins de La Bourse,
Bruxelles, 1950, large vignette of the department store, green/yellow,  30 Euro

Spar optionsschein 1991
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SPAR Handels-Aktiengesellschaft,

Inhaber-Optionsschein, Hamburg, Januar 1991
red border and text, small green Spar logo of a spruce-fir and a larger one in grey in underprint, condition UNC, price: 10 Euro.

Read and listen here to the Spar song !
(sung in the SPAR food-store in the village of Warffum, Groningen, The Netherlands)


zingen in een Italiaanse supermarkt  

Having listened to the singing in a SPAR-food-market in the village of Warffum in the province of Groningen, The Netherlands,

you definitely don't want to miss the arias sung in an Italian food-market store !

Click on the picture for the video.

United Kingdom of Great Britain

Charles Laffitte & Company Ltd, London, 15-1-1866, one share of £ 20, department store, text in English and French, black and white, perfect condition,  white embossed seal, original signatures of directors, including George Kitson, size: 22,5 by 20 cm; see picture, price 35 Euro

Butler Brothers
Organized in 1887
The modern  "Department Store" is the outgrowth of the cheap counter business originated by Butler Brothers in Boston around 1878. They became a mammoth business in New York and Chicago. Originally they sold (to merchants only) by means of a catalogue, which they called their "Drummer", never sending out any traveling man. This catalogue is depicted (half or in whole) on the certificates, illustrated with a train.
All certificates below have brown borders. All have a small paper rest from a document on the left border. I have seen them for sale on the internet for  $ 80 !
---------- 1917, Capital Stock: 15 Million $; < 100 shares, 5 by 3,5 cm vignette of top half of the catalogue, pink cancellation stamp, some figures written under the vignette, 25 Euro.
---------- 1919, Capital Stock 20 million $; < 100 shares; 5 by 3,5 cm vignette of top half of the catalogue, pink cancellation stamp, some figures written under the vignette, 25 Euro.
---------- 1920; Capital Stock 30 million $; 5 by 3,5 cm vignette of complete catalogue, pink cancellation stamp, several stains and heavy vertica folds, 25 Euro.

Eckmar Corp department store for Cristmas items  

Eckmar corp.,

incorporated in Delaware in 1967, it was a specialty store,the only department store selling exclusively Christmas articles, all year round.

Delaware,1969, certificate of 100 shares, orange border, 23 Euro

The Vignette shows stylized holiday items, including a Christmas tree, ornaments, a reindeer and gift boxes.

Price: € 23


Grand Union Company (The)
This food retailing company was established in 1928 under Delaware law. The company went broke early 2001 and was taken over by the Dutch multinational AHOLD. Ahold's daughter Stop & Shop in massachusets took over 36 stores and 8 locations; Ahold daughter Tops Markets in New York State took over 20 stores.
---------- Vignette: goddess Demeter (L.Ceres) of  agriculture, one breast uncovered, holding an olive branch and goddess Athene (L. Minerva) holding a sword and a palm branch, wearing a helmet:
--------------------green border, 1950ies and 1960ies, VF,  23 Euro
--------------------blue border, 150ies and 1960ies, VF, 23 Euro
---------- Vignette:  graceful lady in front of moving belt with food products and in the background a farm with grain sheaves
--------------------red border, 1970ies, x shares, one in the name of the company and with an accompanying letter of  a bank informing the company to transfer these shares to a number of employees in order to accomodate their option rights to company shares., VF, f 50 = 23 Euro.
--------------------blue border, 100 shares, 1960ies, VF, unfolded, 34 Euro.
--------------------green border, x shares, 1960ies, VF, 23 Euro

F.W. Woolworth Co.
9,5 by 6 cm of a women holding chemical laboratory equipment and a man at a an anvil (NL: aambeeld) holding a chain and hammer
----------, 1974, < 100 shares, brown border, price 45 Euro.
----------, 1974, 100 shares, blue border, price 45 Euro.
When incorporated in 1911 they owned > 1000 of the at the time famous "Five and Dime Stores"', which sold  everyday household and personal items at bargain prices. They made their profits through high volumes with low profit margins. In 1913 the Woolworth Building was erected in New York City, in that time the highest building in the world (241 meters / 792 feet). In 1924 F.W.Woolworth became part of the Dow Industrial Average - index. The last Woolworth shops were closed in 1998. (source: Bob Kerstein, 2003). Read more on Wikipedia !

See page on explanations, sales conditions, costs of shipping and on how to order and to pay.

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