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Female beauty: Eroticism / Vrouwelijk schoon: Erotiek
(update July 13th 2016)

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The words Eroticism, Erotica, Erotiek etc. stem from the Greek god Eros (Latin: Amor = Cupido), the god of love, and the son of Aphrodite (Latin: Venus), the Goddess of beauty and love.

Coty, Inc.,
Incorporated under Delaware law, USA; 5 by 6 cm. engraving from the American Banknote Company: Aphrodite (L: Venus), the goddess of beauty and love, with her common attributes, 2 doves, and with her son Eros (L: Amor = Cupido), god of love, here depicted (as often by painters in the Baroc or Rococo period) as a chubby child. Aphrodite holds the attributes of Eros, the arrows. Venus is often synonymus for female nudity in arts, without mythological or symbolic meaning, but often with some conventional attributes, such as a mirror or a dove (source: Hall)
---------- 1930, 100 shares, blue, unfolded, hole punched characters, price 50 Euro
---------- 1938, < 100 shares, brown border,  hole punched characters and other cancellation holes, price 50 Euro.
----------  1949, < 100 shares, purple border, seal indicating Incorporation in Delaware in 1939. I am puzzled why it can be that similar shares (see above) date from before 1939; hole punched characters and several staple holes, price 50 Euro.
Coty was an innovative French perfume maker.
See text about his career and the world wide extend of his perfume empire.

Beate Uhse AG,

Certificates, Flensburg, Germany, May 1999, still valid stock, listed at a German stock exchange, with coupon sheet.

Sensationally beautiful shares of the old (1946) and famous German erotica & lingerie firm Beate Uhse.

Illustrations: foto's of a beautiful blond lady in the nude lying down across the entire certificate and 2 dark haired ladies showing red underwear of the firm., When viewed under ultra-violet light 2 more voluptuous girls emerge...... Under and upper border with blue hearts. A beauty to frame !!

Read more about the history of the firm and her founder

----- Eine Aktie über 1 Euro (1 stock of 1 Euro),
price €95

----- 20 Aktien über 1 Euro (20 shares of one euro),
price €95


Beate Uhse, certificate of 20 shares

Playboy Enterprises, Inc.;
Beautifully engraved certificate, printed by the American Banknote Company with a vignette of the nude Miss February 1971, Willy Rey and the Playboy bunny logo. This item has the printed signature of the Company’s Chairman of the Board, Hugh Hefner. This certificate for 1 share was issued in 1976 to Hendrik Ory, Standaardmolen64 in Amsterdam. Condition EF, unfolded, price € 300. Order now !
The stock proved too popular for the company's good: so many people purchased one share and took delivery of the certificate that Playboy was spending a fortune sending out annual reports and dividend checks. They issued a more modest new certificate and did a reverse split to call all stocks back in (for two old Playboy shares you were given one new Playboy share; otherwise you got cashed out) . If you didn't send the stock, you lost your shares. The old piece of paper is still worth a lot more than the current live stock.

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click here for the Playboy centerfold of February 1971, depicting the nude Willy Rey. Comparison with the stock shows that, although this original centerfold is depicted on the stock, Willy Rey has been given more and longer hair on the stock, thus revealing less.

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You are here: home - scripophily - search by illustration - female beauty - eroticism

In 2011, during the 23rd Auktion für Historische Wertpapiere by Matthias Schmitt ([email protected]) 100 different stocks with beautiful women were auctioned from the collection of Marc-Edouard Emay, who composed a 45 p. booklet (A4-size format) : "Geil....heit auf Aktien" with enlarged engravings and photo's of women depicted on the stocks. ISBN-10: 3-00-019135-4 or ISBN-13: 978-3-00-019315-6. This booklet costs ca. € 12 and may be ordered through Matthias Schmitt.

Geil....heit auf Aktien