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Belgian Congo

Cie de Chemins de fer Katanga-Dilolo-Leopoldville  

Compagnie des Chemins de fer Katanga-Dilolo-Leopoldville, en abrege "K.D.L.", siege social Elisabethville, siege administratif Bruxelles

---- action de 500 Fr, serie A (rouge), 1952, EF, nice trainvignette, prix: € 10.

---- action de 500 Fr, serie B (bleue), 1952, EF, nice trainvignette, prix: € 10.


  Cie des Chemins de fer Katanga-Dilolo-leopoldville

----- set of blue + red certificate: € 15.
----- 10 sets of blue + red certificates: € 100

Belgium / Belgique / Belgie
Biarritz-St-Sébastien-Tolosa, SA de Tramways Électriques, established 21-3-1910, Brssels, Belgium, Part de Fondateur, print: Typ-Lith.La Cote Libre, Br., In the blue decorative border 5 black coats of arms of Tolosa, St Jean de Luz, Biarritz, Irun and St Sébastien and a 11 by 4,5 cm map of the coast of France and Spain at the Golf de Gascogne, showing many cities between St Sebastien and Bayonne, and rivers; large red stamp + 1 red and 1 blue small tax stamp,
----- EF, unfolded, 75 Euro
----- VF-, some wrinkles and stains, 34 Euro.

Chemins de Fer et Tramways Electrique des Basses-Pyrénées et Pays Basques
Bruxelles, Belgium, 1911; Action de Capital Privilégiée de 250 Fr.; size: 25 by 41 cm.; green border; complete coupon sheet; upper and left border worn: dark outer edges and tiny tears; VF-; price 10 Euro.

Participations Industrielles d'Electricité & de Transports "INELTRA" SA,
constitué en 1899 for the exploitation of tramways; siège social Ixelles-Bruxelles; Part Social au porteur; pink border, 3 tax stamps, EF, coupon sheet attached, 10 Euro.

Tramway & Chemin de Fer Électriques Rome-Civita-Castellana-Viterbe, SA Belge, established in 1904, Brussels, Action de Capital de 100 Fr. au porteur, 1907, Imp. de la Cote Libre, Br.; purple border on green, beautiful Jugendstil design by Emile Renders , showing St Peters Church and a market place, also a tramway and a woman with a pitcher , flowers and fruit; coupons attached, EF, price: 98 Euro.

Tramway Électriques de Rome à Civita-Castellana, Action de Capital de 100 Fr., 1904, dark blue border on light blue field, similar design as above, with coupons attached, VF, price: 98 Euro.

Les Tramways de Kiev, SA Belge, established January 12th 1905; Action de dividende, Bruxelles, 1905, measuring 20 x 27 cm.,coupons excluded; brown border on roze field; 1 black and 1 red tax stamp, VF, 2 original sign; uncancelled, 9 Euro.

Tramways de Taschkent SA, established Jan. 21st 1897, siege social: Bruxelles, Action privilegiee de 100 Fr, 1911, beautifully designed in brown and green, see picture, armour of Belgium and Russia, 1 red and 1 black wet tax stamp, EF, unfolded but 1 cm tear in L upper corner (unvisible once framed), 89 Euro.

Tramways et Entreprises Electriques de la Banlieu de St. Petersburg SA,
established on April 4th 1912, Seat: Antwerp,
----- Action de Dividende, brown decorative border, print: J. Verschueren-Anvers; 7 by 5 cm. vignette: goddess, trams and city view; 23 Euro.
----- Action de Capital; pink border; 23 Euro.

Tramways Suburbains et Vicinaux de Varsovie, established September 20th 1910; Seat: Antwerp; Part Social au porteur; brown border on orange pattern, Lith: La Cote Libre, Bruxelles; large pink stamp with a text; 1924; 16 Euro.

Government of the Chinese Republic / Gouvernemet de la République Chinoise, 8% Railway Equipment Loan,
£20 Treasury Note, blue, issued in Brussels (Belgium) in 1922. See scan of the left half , see scan of the right half.
50 x 31 cms, with engraving of a train amidst Cinese buildings, with 14 coupons, from June 1926 - Dec. 1932.
Kuhlman catalogue no. 640
Condition VF: no border defects; price € 45.

Gouvernemet de la République Chinoise
Bon du Tresor 8 % de 1923; Chemin de Fer Lung-Tsing-U-Hai,
Bon de 500 Francs, Bruxelles, 1923, Kuhlman no.650; brown border on beige, 2 red frames with Chinese texts, new coupon sheet; 1939 -1961 coupons glued to back side of right border, 20 by 26,5 cm and coupons 27 by 41 cm., VF+, very neat condition, right lower corner some wrinkles, price 25 Euro.

Costa Rica
Costa Rican Railway Company, £ 100 bond, 1987 and 1989, first mortgage debenditure, blue letters of £ 100, Large size stock, VF, very neat, beauty to frame, price 43 Euro.
(Famous railway constructed by the American entrepeneur Minor Cooper Keith. As part compensation, Keith was granted land rights which he used to grow babanas. The resultant company eventually merged with the Boston Fruit Company to form "United Fruit Company", which became a powerful force in Central American politics. The railway exists to this day. he vignette shows the president of Costa Rica, Bernardo Soto),

Costa Rican Railway Company, £ 100 bond, 1989, second mortgage debenditure, red letters of £ 100, 25-10-1889, Large size stock, price 34 Euro (VF, but less than clean borders and middle fold) , price 28 Euro.

Ferrocariles Consolidados de Cuba
Consolidated Railroads of Cuba
1936, 100 shares of 100 $, 6% cumulative preferred stock, issued in the USA; original signatures cancelled by small holes, 3 vignettes, one of a steam lock and 2 of agricultural scenes of harvesting tobacco and cane sugar, see picture, condition EF, price 35 Euro.

Compagnie Impériale des Chemins de Fer Éthiopiens
established in 1896; Action de 500 Francs, Paris, 1899; size: 32 by 42 cm.; 23 by 15 cm engraving by the famous military painter and illustrator Louis Charles Bombled (1862-1927) of  the Ethiopian emperor Menelik II  awaiting an oncoming train on his horse, accompanied by merchants with camels. Imprimerie Chaise, Paris; coupons on the back, condition EF: unfolded, price 135 Euro.
The Swiss engineer Alfred Ilg, minister under emperor Menelik II, convinced him to build this railway from the coast inland bound, ca. 78 km. over mountans 2.424 m. high. It was a small size track from Djibouti, along Harare, Antotto and Kaffa to the White Nile and Addis Abeba. The money was raised in France that had a strategic interest in the area after the Abessinian war with Italy. The track was completed in 1917, one year aftter the death of  Alfred Ilg. (source: Benecke & Rehse, 2004).

BAJA-Bezdan-Zombor-Apatin-Szonder Lokaleisenbahn A.G.,
Budapest, 1912; size 30 by 23 cm.; beauiful 20 by 4 cm engravings of a train on a bridge, a river and a building, coupons attached, all in condition EF and unfolded,
---------- Stamm-Aktie 200 Kronen, balck-yellow,  price 45 Euro.
---------- 10 Stamm-Aktien über 200 Kronen = 2000 Kronen, pink-black, price 45 Euro

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Grand Russian Railroad

Grand Russian Railway Company / Gross Russische Eisenbahn Gesellschaft (Lese die Geschichte !)
1881, 3% bond of 125 silver Roebles, Suppes cat. no. 1021a
----- no. 201096; condition VF+ , really nice piece with one midfold but no major defects; price € 45.
----- no. 180506; condition VF, minor dagmage in paper and a rust trace of a paperclip; price € 25.

Gross Russische Eisenbahn

Kursk-Charkow-Asow Eisenbahngesellschaft, 4% obligation DM 2000, St. Petersburg 1889, SU E 1033c; # issued 23.203; bewertung 3; grey border and field, tax stamps from Russia, Germany and Noord-Holland (Province of North Holland); condition F: paper rest and 3 cm tear in lower border, price 6 Euro.

Moskau-Windau- Rybinck Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, 4% bond, 1000 Reichsmark, 1897, orange/black, SUE 1081b 3, price11 Euro.

1894:  4% Obligation / Bond  of the Imperial Russian Government, 125 Roebel Gold, to bearer, with coupons, brown / yellow, condition VF, no tears, faint tropical brown stains on the folds, 25 Euro.

1885: 4% Anleihe (bond), 125 Roebel metall (metal), brown, with coupons, 10 Euro.

Wladikawkas railroad company / Wladikawkas Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft
---------- 1885: 4% Obligation (Bond), 125 Roebel Metall (metal)l, St Petersburg 1885, brown / black, VF with coupons, 10 Euro.

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