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Anglo-Belgian Petroleum Company
London, 1928; share warrant to bearer for five preferred shares; brown border on green field; British red imprinted tax stamp of 3 shillings; 3 black Belgian wet tax stamps; size: 29 by 24 cm.; 0,5 cm tear in upper border; complete coupon sheet, price 25  Euro.

Arlington Clubs Limited
United Kingdom of Great Britain; 1927;  6%  Debenditure of 5 Pounds, Issue of Second Series of Three Thousand Debenditures of 5 Pounds each; size: 26,5 by 42 cm.; blue decorative border; red tax stamp of 3 Pence imprinted; print: Waterloo & Sons, London; 3 original signatures; condition EF: unfolded; price: 15 Euro.

Associated Gold Mines of Western Australia, Ltd, London, U.K.
Certificaat aan toonder, no. 137, gerechtigd tot een bedrag van Een Aandeel van Een Pond, onder meerdere ingeschreven ten name van het Nieuw Amsterdamsch Administratiekantoor, uitgegeven in Amsterdam, 1908; afm. 22x16 cm., blauwe sierranden en tekst, druk: J.H. De Bussy, Amst., conditie: VF, zeldzaam, Prijs € 50.
English: Bearer certificate for one share no. 137, giving right to one share of one Pound in the Associated Gold Mines of Western Australia, inscribed in the register of the New Amsterdam Administration Ofiice in Amsterdam, issued in 1908, measures: ca. 9x6 inch; blue border and text, rare piece, condition: Very Fine, Price € 50.

Batavia (Kerkhoven) Rubber & Tea Estates (1933) Limited, share certificate

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  Batavia (Kerkhoven) Rubber & Tea Estates (1933) Limited.

Certificate for 1,000 shares of 2 shillings each (of which 1 shilling and 10 pence were paid), in the name of Nieuw-Amsterdamsch Administratie-Kantoor, 1933; measuring ca. 28 x 28 cm.; with orange printed tax seal and on the back 2 Dutch tax stamps of 10 cents each, related to 2 additional payments in 1933, which were described by 2 red stamps.condition EF; Price € 95.

The Dutch Kerkhoven planter- family has become rich and famous In Dutch East Indies and has been described in several Duch historic novels by for example Hella Haasse (Heren van de Thee / Gentlemen of the Tea) and by Leonard Huizinga (Adriaan and Olivier).

Charles Laffitte & Company Ltd, London, 15-1-1866, one share of £ 20, department store, text in English and French, black and white, perfect condition,  white embossed seal, original signatures of directors, including George Kitson, size: 22,5 by 20 cm; see picture, price 35 Euro

Cukra River

Cukra River Planting Co. Ltd.
London, 1914; share of 4 Pounds to bearer; size 36,5 cm by 25 cm.; 10 by 5 cm engraving of 4 persons picking bananas; border in green and yellow, full with yellow bananas and tree leaves; attached complete coupon sheet; 3 original signatures; Texts in French and English; very decorative and a beauty to frame !;  unfolded, condition EF: unsignificant tiny border defect; price 325 Euro.
The company owned plantations in Nicaragua.

F. Pratt & Co., Limited
United Kingdom, 1960; Certificate of x  (= 500) shares of 5 Shilling each; size: 28 by 28 cm; green border and texts; 2 original signatures; 10 by 10 cm  picture (in underprint) of an electro motor (?); condition F: 3 fold tears of 1à 2 cm.;  price 10 Euro.

The Felted Fabric Depot Ltd.
share certificate for 5 shares of 5 Pounds each, 1874; first issue; in the name of Meijer Weiner; 3 original signatures of secretary and 2 directors; white embossed seal; size: 23,5 by 19 cm.; price: 50 Euro
Felted fabric is verrijkt textiel, zoals fluweel en corduroy.

Galang Besar rubber plantations, share warrant to bearer for 25 shares of 2/- each, London, 1919, size: 36 by 34,5 cm; 9,5 by 5 cm. engraving of  labourers fetching rubber from the trees; copmplete coupon sheet attached; price 75 Euro.

Ladies Residential Club (Liverpool) Ltd.
Capital 1,000 Pound; measures: 23 x 20 cm., embossed seal of the Club;
---------- Certificate no. 7, issued May 1934 in the name of Marjorie Roberts of 1 Sugnall Street, Liverpool (married woman) for 49 shares of 1 pound each; Signed by Marjorie Roberts as both the Secretary and one of the directors, the other director being C.E. Roberts, 1 cm. tear in left border and small brown stains, price € 50 (€ 75 fot both items).
---------- Certificate no. 12, issued March 1935 in the name of Mrs. Marjorie Roberts of 1 Sugnall Street, Liverpool for 500 shares of 1 Pound each, including the 49 shares of certificate no. 7; Signed by Marjorie Roberts as both the Secretary and one of the directors, the other director being Shiela M. Hobson, price € 50 (€ 75 fot both items).

London  and St. Lawrence investment Co. Ltd.
United Kingdom, 1959; Certificate no 615 of 400 shares in the name of mrs. Hilda margaret langton of 98, Northwood Gardens, Ilford, essex; red decorative border and texts, embossed seal ; size: 25 by 29 cm.; condition VF: 1 cm brown stain, some staple holes; price: 25 Euro.

London Distributing Kitchens
London, 1901; certificate no. 175 of x (=12) shares of 1 Pound each, in the name of the Earl of Mexborough of Wellington Court, Albert Gate, W.; size: 23,5 by 20,5 cm; pasted on firm paper, red paper seal, complete, unlike the picture scan; price 100 Euro.

National Provincial Bank Ltd.

National Provincial Bank Ltd.
London, 1966; certificate of x shares in the name of Ingram Legge, liverpool; size 29,5 by 24 cm.; 7 by 4 cm. engraving of  majestic bank premises; green border, print: Waterlow & Sons; 2 original signatures of director and registrar, price 75 Euro.
Founded in 1833 as a national bank with branches across England and Wales. It issued it's own banknotes. 250 branches in 1900; In 1970 merger with Westminster Bank to create National Westminster Bank. Read more about the bank's history.

(The) New Schibaieff Petroleum Company Ltd, London, certificate of £ 20 Sterling, issued in Amsterdam, 1913, grey / beige, with complete coupon sheet and declaration of rights-restauration: a final payment for this stock of 1,25 Guilders can still be obtained in Amsterdam, Euro 16

Oriental Bank Corporation,
incorporated by Royal charter in 1851; Vignette: crowned lion, unicorn, crowned armour and text "Honi soit qui mal y pense" (motto of the order of the Knights of the Garter) and "Dieu et mon droit" (motto of the British Monarch). See text in Dutch and in English about the history of this bank
---------- share certificate no. 11202 à £ 25, 1851 (therefore 1st emission), with embossed seal, original signatures, in the name of Archibald Spens of the Bombay Civil Service Esquire, on the backside 7 times endorsed to someone else, size: 20 by 24,5 cm., condition: VF, see picture,  price 195 Euro.
---------- share certificate no. 53607, à £ 25, 1865, embossed seal, in the name of Mary Henderson, original signature of chief manager  Charles Stewart, condition VF +,  size 18 by 21 cm., see picture,  price 99 Euro.

Oriental Bank Corporation

Phoenix Oil and Transport Company Ltd.
Nationale Trust Compagnie, certificaat van 25 aandelen, ieder groot 1 £ Sterling, in de Phoenix Oil and Transport Company Ltd., Londen, issued in Amsterdam, 1923, prijs 10 Euro.
Certificate of 25 shares of1 £, issued in Amsterdam by the Nationale Trust Compagnie in 1923.
The company was established on June 24th 1920 as a merger of the Anglo Continental Oil Company Ltd. and the Masterson Roumanian Oil Syndicate Ltd. In 1923 they got control over the Orion Petroeum Maatschappij and with that also over the Arnhemsche petroleum maatschappij, that was liquidated in that year. They also controlled "Unirea", S.A.R. de Petrol in Bukarest and with that the Roumanian Consolidated Oilfields Ltd. In 1946. They had 2 oil refineries in Ploesti, many other factories, pipe lines and  also storage facilities in the harbour of Constanza (source: Van Oss effectenboek 1945/'46).

Service Petroleum Company Ltd.
established in London UK); certificate of 100 ordinary shares of 1 Shilling each, issued in Amsterdam in 1928 by the administration office, established by G. Blancke & Zoon, Chemiet & Weetjen en van Vloten & Gijselaar; blue border and orange printed tax seal, size ca. 19 by 25 cm.; separate coupon sheet, condition EF: 1 faint vertical fold; price 50 €.

Smith & Williams (Leven), Ltd.
United Kingdom, 1913;  authorised capital 1.500 Pound, 1500 shares of 1 Pound; Certificate no. 25 of x (=25) shares of 1 Pound each, in the name of  Edgar leslie Boase, Millspinner, Leven; 2 original  signatures of the 2 directors, J.R. Smith and R.H. Williams; dark blue texts; size: 21 by 19 cm.; emboossed company seal; condition EF, almost UNC: 1 hardly visible fold; very rare; price 95 Euro.
Who can tell me what the company's activities were ?

South-East Borneo Rubber Plantations, Ltd.
1912; Certificate no 101 of Option rights for 50 shares of 1 Pound each, valid until Dec. 31st 1916; size: 23,5 by 21 cm; 3 original signatures; UNC/EF, embossed seal, price 45 Euro.

Straker-Squire Ltd.
One First Mortgage Debenditure Stock Certificate no 499, 1926; 37 by 28 cm., condition EF: one neat fold, a few very faint wrinkles, price 125 Euro.
In 1901 Sidney Straker and  L.R.L Squire started building steam cars and gas driven busses. Automobiles followed soon after; During World War I they built Rolls Royce aviation motors under licence. The company ended its existance in 1926 after Straker was killed in a hunting accident (source: Corné Akkermans veilingen); price 125 Euro.

The Victoria Palace Ltd.
Certificate of x shares, United Kingdom, 1929; size: 28,5 by 25,5 cm.; 3 by 5 cm engraving of Victoria Palace, Victoriastreet, London, with on top a statue of the famous ballerina Pavlova: read the story !; Victoria Palace was built by the great theatre architect Frank Matcham.; red texts and decorations; price 75 Euro.

Victoria Palace

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