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Canada General Fund (1954)Ltd, , green, vignette: map of Canada with industrial symbols, 10 armours of Canada, wood logs floating in a river and a water power station., 100 shares, hole cancelled, no coupons, name stock, capital $ 7,500,100, engraving by the Security banknote Co., size: A4, condition: hole cancelled but no folds or stains (EF), price € 7

Equicorp Industries Inc., brown, x shares, 1976, in the name of Blanchard Nederland B.V, together with an Equicorp  cover with photo of Toronto skyscrapers, price 34 Euro.
Vignette of elegant lady.
These shares, together with those of QCI Industries limited, were being sold at people's doors in The Netherlands in the 70-ies. It appears that it all became a great scamm.
I know of a Dutch person who paid DGL 2000 for a piece of 300 shares Equicorp. In his recent search he mentioned to have come sofar:
Equicorp Inc. became in january 1978 Equicorp Ventures Inc., a division of Equican Ventures Inc. In 1984 their address was: 425 Alness Str., Downview, Ontario M3J 2H4 Canada, tel: 416-667-1122. At that same address seated Micron Industries Ltd.Both companies were related to Mirtone industries Ltd. After this the trail went dead. At mirtone they could not or did not want to give any further inormation. Please inform me if you have more information !!

IOS- Investor overseas services, incorporated under the laws of Canada, Curacao depositary receipt to bearer, evidencing 10 depositary shares, each representing one share of common stock, par value $ 0,25 per share, Curacao 16th October 1969, Carribean depositar\Co. N.V. green, only one coupon used, 37 remaining, uncancelled, size; Letter format, engraving: De Bussy Ellerman Harms, Amsterdam, (IOS was the investment imperium of Bernie Cornfield; it's default led to a scam), condition: UNC, price Euro 11

IOS-Investors Overseas Services, Toronto, Canada, 1970, bearer share warrant for 1 share, facsimile signature of president Bernie Cornfield, brown border, vignette: lady with bare breasts, long hair waving in the wind, holding Hermes staff (caduceus), sitting in front of a harbour and factories, leaning on a globe, price 75 Euro.

Revenue properties Comp. Ltd., 1981, brown, Canada, 23 Euro


Capital Growth Company share certificate

Costa Rica / Panama




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Capital Growth Company vignette

Capital Growth Company S.A.,
Certificates (ca. 20 x 30 cm) of preferred shares with a 3 by 6 cm Vignette in gold relief print of a 3-master sail ship.
This investment company may be the successor of Capital Growth Fund, registered  in the Bahamas under New providence Securities Ltd.
I sometimes receive questions of persons who inherited or bought shares in this company and want to know if they still have any economic value. I don't think they have and that mr. Mc. Alpin, who signed the certificates as president, has deceived his investors. Anyone who knows more about this company is requested to inform me, in order that that I can answer those who wrote to me. See our separate page for more information on this company and related ones. I take it that these certificates are now just collector's items, especially because of their beautiful sailship, printed in gold relief. The following certificates are for sale, all in unfolded and perfect condition. They all have the golden vignette; only the border colour and number of shares differ. Price differences reflect availability.
------- 1 share, green, July 19th1971, price 15 Euro
------- 5 shares, ocre, July 19th 1971. price 25 Euro
------- 10 shares, brown, July 19th 1971, price 25 Euro
-------  25 shares, blue, July  19th 1971, price 20 Euro
----- 100 shares, purple, July 19th 1971, price 35 Euro

Holding de France S.A., action au porteur de 100 Fr, Paris 1931, Dutch article on this stock and the company history are available, price 7 Euro.

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